Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obama related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie

How would you like to see this staring back at you as you try to enjoy your breakfast? Poor Angelina and Brad! Has the A.P. no shame?

BOSTON - This could make for one odd family reunion: Barack Obama is a distant cousin of actor Brad Pitt, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is related to Pitt's girlfriend, Angelina Jolie.

Researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society found some remarkable family connections for the three presidential candidates — Democratic rivals Obama and Clinton, and Republican John McCain.

This story sullies a lot of famous names, living and dead. There are people rolling over in their graves. Just goes to show "you can't pick your relatives!" Want to know who else is related to who? Just click here.


Beth said...

That is some crazy stuff there.

Anonymous said...

Just Damn. I didn't know that. Hell I may be related to John Wayne or Elvis. Humm, I do kinda favor Elvis. Ha. Oh thanks for stopping by.

Average American said...

It sure is Beth!

Your welcome Old Soldier, same to you. George Washington and Abe Lincoln were ancestors, maybe even mine.

Texas Truth said...

Hell...I might be related to Elvis or John Wayne. I could be related to just about anyone (unless, of course, they were a liberal Democrat.)

PS: Old Soldier, I am not copying you. I just favor Elvis and The Duke. Heck, even you and I could be related. I guess we think alike.

Anonymous said...

They all deserve eachother.