Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wild Bill's thoughts on Jane Fonda

Please take a few moments to watch this gentleman discuss TRAITOR Hanoi Jane and the upcoming election. If you agree with me that it is another very good reason to vote the scumbag(s) out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, take another moment to pass it along. Thank you!


Z said...

Not only that, but not voting because our candidate "isn't conservative enough" is another vote for Obama, too!
And thousands of CHristian Conservatives didn't vote last time, from what I hear. UNBELIEVABLE.
Well "you get what you pay for...or VOTE for"

This guy is good! And remember, Jane Fonda's now slated to play Nancy Reagan in what's supposed to be a fair-minded piece on the Reagans :-) Did you know that? yup!

Thanks for letting me know about this post (your one on voter ID is excellent, too)...to be honest with you, since Mr. Z died, I got out of the habit of visiting the good blogs I used to visit and am trying to do more visiting again now that I'm doing so much better, ....I'm glad you're around and please remind me when you've got something you'd like me to see, AA. THanks for visiting geeeZ.xx

Average American said...

Thanks Z. On that Reagan movie, yes, I just heard that, and as much as I would love to see the movie, I WON'T because of that B####. As a Vietnam Vet, I promised myself a LONG time ago to never put a penny in her pocket. You can rest easy Z, I will be voting, just not as inthusiactisly as I would have liked. I came close to skipping the primary though.

Sam Huntington said...


Average American said...

Thank you for the visit Sam. Come back anytime.

Always On Watch said...

Is there a single patriotic Vietnam vet who can abide the sight of Jane Fonda -- or even the sound of her name being uttered?

I grew up during the Vietnam War era and well remember what Jane Fonda is and what she stands for.

It is no wonder that she is a big admirer of Barack HUSSEIN Fonda!

Anybody But Obama in 2012.

Always On Watch said...

PS: Thanks for coming by my blog, AA. I appreciate it!

Average American said...

You're welcome AOW. Very nice site you have there. I put you on the blogroll and will be back.

Jane and John Kerry are both traitors in my book and I will not see that movie. As much as I'd like to see the content, I can't watch her--ever. She killed many Americans with her disgusting behavior.

MathewK said...

There are plenty of reasons to vote out obama, the commie bitch isn't really one of them. However if some use it as a reason, that's good enough for me.

I want the chicago socialist gone, one way or another, him and his wretched democratic party.