Thursday, July 24, 2008

NOBAMA does Baghdad

Well, he finally did it. NOBAMA, after 925 days 1 hour and 7 minutes, actually visited Baghdad! In a round-about-way he even finally HAD to, but, begrudgingly admit that the surge has worked.

From the NYTimes on 7/22/08:

After meeting with Mr. Maliki, Mr. Obama met with Mr. Hashimi in his spacious, ornate house in the Green Zone for about 45 minutes. Beforehand, Mr. Obama said he was “pleased with the progress taking place” in Iraq and said that it was his impression that among Iraqis there was “more optimism about what is happening.”

“You see the activity taking place, the people in the shops, the traffic on the streets, clearly there’s been an enormous improvement,” he said.

We've all heard by now that Al Maliki "endorses" NOBAMA's time table for withdrawal. Well, that's not quite the whole truth. He actually agrees with U.S. military leaders and President Bush about setting an exact date. I happen to consider 16 months to be close to a POTENTIALLY CORRECT estimate as to when the combat forces might not be needed in Iraq. We have the surge to thank for that!!!!

Here's NOBAMA stumbling around trying to put a positive spin on his "cut and run" plan for Iraq.

From ABCNews on 7/22/08:

Obama told ABC News that military leaders have "deep concerns" about a timetable that does not account for changing conditions.

"I don't think that there are deep concerns about the notion of a pullout per se," he said in the television interview. "There are deep concerns about, from their perspective, of a timetable that doesn't take into account what they anticipate might be some sort of change in conditions."

All in all this was nothing more than another photo op for the messiah. ALL the Majors were there covering that piece of shit!! John McCain goes over there and hardly even gets a mention somewhere in the middle of the paper. I think it's about time the American people boycott the liberalism of today's news media. It's no wonder that the American populace has turned into such a large group of SHEEPLE! I guess to most, if you read it enough times, it must be true.

Well, I guess I'll cut this post here and get rid of the "days since he went to Iraq" widget.


Anonymous said...

Since when does a candidate visit foreign countries anyway?
And how come he's campaigning there and not here?
I guess he wants to be the President of the World!

Brooke said...

This whole foreign tour is so Obama can suddenly claim to have some kind of 'experience.'

Brooke said...

Did you hear about him blowing of our soldiers in Germany?

MathewK said...

I swear i heard on one of the news channels that this was the second time he's been there. Is that true or just another blatant lie?

The media bias is so open it's just beyond belief now. I used to think that the MSM thought we wouldn't notice, now i'm of the opinion that they just don't care what we think anymore.

Average American said...

He should have visited Iraq and Afghanistan, but not every country in the world! In fact, he should have been to Iraq way before he started shooting off his yapper about withdrawal!

I think and hope most people will see right through the experience thing---HE HAS NONE!! The reason he blew off visiting our wounded troops is because the pentagon made it clear that he could not campaign there. What an asswipe!

He was there once before--925 days,1 hour, and 7 seconds before this trip, but he has been an expert on Iraq since forever. He said yesterday that he will still pull out fast and won't heed the expert advice people (generals etc) are giving. He evidently knows better than them. Why do we continually pay these generals? We'll just get NOBAMA to do all their work.