Friday, May 30, 2008

2008 Electoral map

This article from Human is a "must read"!! Robert Novak and Timothy Carney make a compelling state by state examination of the fall election. Their prediction: McCain 270, Obama 268. I can see a few states that they may have been too conservative on. There is a good chance the tally could be much better for McCain. I see a good possibility for the GOP in New Hampshire, Michigan, and hopefully Pennslyvania. New tally: McCain 312, Obama 226! Possible losses for McCain include Missouri, Nevada, and New Mexico. If that is what happens, the new new tally is: McCain 291, Obama 247. I'll take any of these three outcomes!

The entire article can be found by following this link.


Name: Soapboxgod said...

Let us suppose any of them are correct AA. You seem like a pretty level headed guy (mostly conservative we're told). In what respects would a McCain win bring about or foster a better conservative and/or economic climate thereby foster greater freedom and greater liberty?

In short, what are you hoping to gain by a McCain presidency?

Texas Truth said...

Sounds and looks good to me. Anything to keep Super Bitch or Oprah's Love Child out of the White House.

Beth said...

I concur with Soapie, the next four years are going to be rocky to say the least, and it is going to hit us all in our wallets big time. Having a Republican be the face of the four year disaster is not good for the party, and it is not going to advance the conservative movement at all.

C.H. said...

Sounds good to me Joe...any one of those three combinations will work out just fine!!!

Texas Truth said...

The Clintons are for themselves and nobody else. Hillary knows if Obama is elected, she will not be able to run again for President for eight years. If he goes down to McCain, she can run again in four years. Do the simple math. She says she is for Obama, but will do everything she can (covertly, of course) to derail him in November. McCain will win and she will be free to run in 2012. Obama, at last, will be just a minor annoyance.

Average American said...

First, thanks for the pretty level headed comment, and yes, mostly conservative is correct. Now, McCain presidency gains?? Start with his strong point, a world that although they may still not like us much, does respect us. In 4 years the Iraq war will essentially be over and we will have proven that we still do have the kahounas to finish what we start.

Remembering that I am a conservatively leaning moderate, it should come as no surprise that I don't expect the country to necessarily be more conservative. Personally, I believe that the Republican party has gone too far right and the democrats have gone too far left. This has resulted in the almost complete polarization of American politics, gridlock, and the root of many of our problems. Compromise is now a forgotten word. I feel confident that McCain will be especially beneficial in this area. I know that is not the answer you would hope for. Economically, he can't possibly do more damage than the bleeding heart liberals, especially Obama.


One down, one to go!! We can worry about Clinton in 2012. She'll be even more haggard and wrinkled by then. She may even lose some of that umphft that she displayed the last couple of months by then.


The first part of the next 4 years will not be pretty, but the last half should show marked improvement and I don't want the democraps taking the credit for it!

I'm with you C.H.!!!