Tuesday, May 27, 2008

John McCain is younger than we thought!

According to Doctor Michael Roizen, the developer of the "real age" program, John McCain is only 63.7 years old, biologically speaking. Experts claim that if he becomes president, he will age twice the actual time. I figure he's probably looking at a single term, by his own choice, so he would only be about 72 (biologically speaking) at the end of that term. This might get quite a bit of play in the coming months, especially if the dems bring age up as an issue.

I bet I caught your attention so here's "the rest of the story."


Beth said...

His age isn't what I have a problem with voting for him, but you are probably right that his campaign will need to rely on it to calm some people's concerns.

I always stay away from those biological age things myself, I'd probably be double my real age!

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Despite his good health, your assessment on the likelihood of him serving only one term is one more thing those willing to hold their nose and vote for him ought to consider.

Being that he would, for all practical means and purposes, not be seeking a second term, there becomes even less of an incentive for McCain to "do the right thing" by Conservatives. He would face no real repercussions otherwise.

MathewK said...

Valid point soapboxgod. They're right about him aging much faster if he wins. The mad left will never forgive America for not voting for B. Hussein and they will take it all out on McCain.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

I'm not inclined to think they'll get that opportunity unless there is one hell of an October surprise. And, even then I don't think they will.

McCain is hardly a shoe in.

Anonymous said...

6 justices of the supreme court are over 70 years old.
Is justice Kennedy too old?
Is justice Scalia too old?
23 senators are older than McCain. Senator Feinstein is 74. Senator Elizabeth dole is older than McCain.
Ron Paul is older than McCain.
Colin Powell is 70 and is only one year younger than McCain.
Nancy Pelosi is only three years younger than McCain.
McCain is 71 and Reagan was re-elected in his mid seventies and served until his late seventies.
George Bush Sr was around McCain’’s age no one made his age an issue.
No, John McCain is not too old, but people like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Murtha is definitely too old they all lost their senility and competence a long time ago and look at them, they are all still around...LOL.
Look at that joker who os the Senator from New Jersey Frank Lautenberg he is 84 and running again this year for re-election.
I say if you want to talk about dementia and Alzheimers and other mental issues, look again at Hillary Clinton..