Saturday, March 22, 2008

You Tube you have to see

There is some REALLY NICE stuff on You Tube. I'm posting a few that I just think everybody has to see. Have a tissue ready. Macho guys, that means you too.

1 Some gave all
2 God bless the USA
3 Messages from home
4 God bless the USA-2
5 Arms of the Angel
6 Where is the love
7 Some gave all-2
8 Arlington
9 Please remember me
10 Amazing grace
11 Already home
The last one won't bring tears, but it will make you laugh.
12 I could be wrong by Tim Wilson RATED R Lots of the F-word

There's plenty more where that came from. Just look to the right after you watch one and pick others from the "related videos" list. Some real beautiful stuff out there, that's for sure.


Donald Douglas said...

Have a wonderful Easter!!

Average American said...

Thanks DD, you too!

Beth said...

Great tributes, what a great idea to list a few, and as you mention there are other related links listed.