Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

For those of you who have the stomach for more, I present you with "The Audacity of Hope", NOBAMA's second book. For month's now people have been calling him an "empty suit", this is not really true. As it so happens, his suit is full of Audacity. If you don't believe me, read this, his second book. Again, I have scoured the internet universe to find a source from which you can deappreciate(I know, not a real word) his writing skills without putting a penny in his liberal pocket. The entire pdf version can be found here, for free.

My lawyers have instructed me to include the following disclaimer:

You read this book at your own peril. Readers of previous works by the same author have had to clean the floor after getting violently sick to their stomachs. If you are weak of heart, get the advice of your doctor before opening the cover. Have at least a six-pack of beer, or 4 good stiff drinks at the ready before attempting to get into this "book". People with a pre-existing medical condition, women who are pregnant, or may become pregnant are advised to consult your doctor and get a second and third opinion before even touching this book.


Brooke said...

Six pack of beer before reading?

Screw that; best to go straight to the hard liquor! You need the brain to be thoroughly anesthetized before reading this bullshit.

Law and Order Teacher said...

You have performed a great service to your fellow countrymen. By providing this swill, you have unmasked the stealth candidate. He is a socialist pure and simple and will lead this country down that path. Damn his celebrity, and damn the stupidity of millions of Americans.

Average American said...

Right on Brooke! A nice BIG tall white russian, not very white.

L&O Teacher, we have just scratched the surface on all the crap there is to uncover about this empty suit. The problem is, it isn't really an "empty" suit. There is a lot of undesirable stuff in there!