Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hillary claims to be "transparent"

Somewhere on the boob tube today I heard Hillary Clinton bragging about "I just might be the most transparent politician out there." I should say that this is a paraphrase, not a quote, and I don't know which channel or show it was on. What I DO KNOW is that I 100% believe her!! I CAN SEE RIGHT THRU HER!!! Can you???


The Griper said...

the problem is, as transparent as she is, there seems to be a lot of people who see her with eyes closed. obama too.

Average American said...

You got that right Griper. For many of her fans, she can do nothing wrong. They will never see her in anything but the best light.

MathewK said...

Yeah that can be a bad thing for Hillary. Hopefully more will see her to be the tax-gouging socialist... no wait, isn't that what most liberals are these days.