Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Barbie turned 50 today, Happy Birthday! I'll bet my sister wishes she still had the one she got back in 1959. It must be worth a small fortune today. Actually, I think it was a small fortune back then too.


Always On Watch said...

I still have my Barbie, Midge, and Ken dolls -- in mint condition. I clamored for them as a pre-teen, then never played with them.

I should check on their worth and unload them while I still can.

shoprat said...

I just wish I still had the GI JOE doll I got for Christmas in 63

GI Joe! GI Joe!
Fighting man from head to toe
On the Land, On the sea, In the Air.

Z said...

I sure wish I had the original Barbie I had. :0(

Average American said...

AOW, I think you might be surprised. If they are mint and in the box and especially if Barbie is from the first year, you have a tidy sum I'm sure.

Shoprat, a GI Joe doll in 63 makes you younger than me. He'd probably be worth a tidy sum by now too.

Z, and I sure wish Mom hadn't thrown out all those old baseball cards too. Oh well, that's why stuff gets so valuable, most of them got tossed.

Z-man said...

My friend had to get something for his niece so we stopped at a Toys R Us at some mall in White Plains and there was an overpriced Kimora Lee Simmons doll, now why is she a role model? Everything was sexed up and the outfit on Little Red Riding Hood, well put it this way it looked like something out of a Jenna Jameson flick.

Average American said...

Z-Man, I had sons, and no daughters. What I know about dolls could be stuffed in a small thimble. I had no idea they were making dolls to resemble hookers now-a-days.

MathewK said...

She hasn't aged a bit. :)

Average American said...

MK, lol. Nope, women everywhere must be jealous.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I had no idea they were making dolls to resemble hookers now-a-days.

I heard they were now making Barbie to come with tattoos; I think you can apply and change them yourself.

Average American said...

Wordsmith, yeah, now THAT is just what I want my granddaughters to learn.

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