Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lou Dobbs on voter fraud

This article is a MUST READ! I think the October Surprise is here! For millions of Americans that watched Lou Dobbs tonight, there was a very startling piece of information. It seems that NOBAMA's campaign paid ACORN $800,000 to do some voter registration work for them. ACORN, of course, is that leftist corrupt organization that you have been hearing so much bad publicity about lately. It seems that every election cycle, they get worse and worse, and they get caught with their hands in the till more and more often. Why are they still in existence? Good question. I guess you'd have to ask NOBAMA that one. He has been their lawyer in the past. He was a "community organizer" for them also.

I'm going to insert a little bit of the transcript from tonights show, but I highly recommend you follow the link to read the whole thing. I swear, Lou Dobbs is starting to get the picture. He is getting closer and closer to being on our side every day! I think I've already said somewhere on this blog that I like the guy. I have ever since he took on illegal aliens.

Tonight, the left-wing activist group ACORN, charged with widespread election fraud. The Obama campaign denies that ACORN has any significant relationship with Senator Obama. But the Obama campaign, nonetheless, is paying ACORN for countrywide voter registration.

And rising concerns that illegal aliens may be allowed to vote and influence the outcome of this election.

ACORN who supports Barack Obama in this presidential campaign went out and tried to register as many new voters in Lake County as they possibly could. The deadline was October 6th. They came in with 5,000 new applications. And when the registrations office began going through them, they found a pattern -- every single one of them was fraudulent.

RUTHANN HOAGLAND (R), LAKE COUNTY ELECTIONS BOARD: 50 percent. We had close to 5,000 total from ACORN, and so far, we have identified about 2100.

GRIFFIN: Registered to a dead person, registered to a person who lives at a fast food shop?


GRIFFIN: Or just all of them, amazingly, in the same hand?

HOAGLAND: Yes. Yes. All the signatures look exactly the same. Everything on the card filled out looks just the same.

GRIFFIN: Ruthann, fraud?

HOAGLAND: We have no idea what the motive behind it is. It's just overwhelming to us.

GRIFFIN: Lou, I took a look at these registration forms and, indeed, they're all in the same hand. You can tell they're all written by the same person. They showed us the death certificates of some of these people who are registered there.

The workers have been diligently trying to go through all these new ones. But finally, they had to just put them aside. 2,100 of these applications are fraudulent. The other 2900 have been placed to the side. They haven't even looked at them yet.

They want to take care of the actual good applications of real new voters who really want to vote in this election. But they're scared. They're scared they don't know what's out there and who or what is going to show up at the polls when voting actually begins in the ballot boxes.

DOBBS: Drew, the -- woman with whom you were speaking, a terrific public servant, I -- we have got wonderful people like her all over the country. She seemed very sweet, she would not commit to the fact that somebody writing in the same handwriting for thousands of times to register dead people would be committing fraud.

But listen, you've been looking into this story for days and days now. We're seeing it from Vegas to Ohio to Pennsylvania to Indiana, all over the country, and these investigations are opening up. How can there be any doubt about what's at work here?

GRIFFIN: You know, each individual county, Lou -- and that's what's happening there. And let me tell you, Lake County, they are so afraid of anybody calling them partisan, for every worker, every job in that elections office, one person is a Republican, one is a Democrat.

Both Republicans and Democrats are coming to me and saying, look, this is fraud. This is registration fraud. But each county has to look at it and usually what happens is, after the fact, after the election, the boards look at it, they file criminal charges, people are charged with these.

Well, new evidence tonight that the Obama campaign is substantially connected to ACORN, despite disavows from both ACORN and the Obama campaign. And new questions tonight as well about just how much money ACORN receives from the federal government.

TUCKER: And ACORN has been paid $800,000 by the Obama campaign to register voters. And there's another connection between ACORN and the Democratic presidential candidate Obama. Obama, along with the Department of Justice, represented the group in a lawsuit to force the state of Illinois to comply with voter registration law, Lou.

DOBBS: So, to -- again, to be clear, there is no question that the Obama campaign is paying ACORN...

TUCKER: That's correct. DOBBS: ... for voter registration? And that now that ACORN is being with fraudulent registration, voter fraud, in effect, across a number of states all across the country?

TUCKER: That is absolutely correct.

The Obama campaign Web site, by the way, fight the smears responded today by attacking Blackwell, saying, quote, "Blackwell's attacks against ACORN and community organizers constitute a vile Republican pattern of mockery and viciousness against this noble profession.

Community organizers are the very individuals Republicans should be celebrating for helping people help themselves rather than depending on the government."

DOBBS: Tonight's poll results: 77 percent of you are concerned that radical left wing activist groups are trying to manipulate the outcome of this presidential election.


Average American said...

...Community organizers are the very individuals Republicans should be celebrating for helping people help themselves rather than depending on the government...

Helping people help themselves to government handouts!

...DOBBS: Tonight's poll results: 77 percent of you are concerned that radical left wing activist groups are trying to manipulate the outcome of this presidential election.

Sounds like 77% of his audience just found a REAL GOOD reason to vote for McCain/Palin!!..

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I wish the mainstream media was paying more attention to the ACORN issue. It's a gigantic red flag that they're for the most part ignoring.

WomanHonorThyself said...

dont sweat it ..even mcCain wont use Husseins middle name out of fear of offending Moslems..sick world eh!!!

Anonymous said...

I truly hope this puts a dent into that arrogant excuse of a man. MSM won't touch this with a 10 foot pole rating or not. They couldn't possibly criticize the chosen one. It's pathetic, and all the more reason why we have to do everything we can to spread the word. Good post! :-)

Average American said...

I think the MSM may be forced to say something about ACORN now. They probably will be careful to avoid linking NOBAMA to it, but the story is getting TO BIG for them to ignore it any longer. I plan to write a good,concise letter to the editor which I will submit to all the papers in the state. I will stick to only the pertinent information concerning voter fraud and only use substantiated information. I would hope you all join me in this effort. We may have enough bloggers in our circle of readers to have a huge impact.

MathewK said...

Good job AI. Glad to see Lou Dobbs is putting the magnifying glass on Obama. About bloody time i say. After all too many have forgotten that this fellow is running for the top job and you can't just let any empty-suit with questionable character and connections take it.

I just hope it's not too late and the people are paying attention.

Z said...

There will always be that nutty leftwing fringe, like Alan Colmes, who'll protest to his death that ACORN is anything but a good community organizing group that helps people! Bob Beckel was on that too, last night on H&C. But, did you see the very fair Dem politico Pat Caddell yell "Let's get one thing straight, ACORN is known for being primarily a voter fraud bunch!" Cracked me UP!

Beckel was trying to say he's worked with ACORN and they're not equipped to be this organized to do ANYTHING> Hannity chimed in "15000 people registering others and that's not well organized? $800K doesn't help make a group organized?" Colmes kept denying, asking for details, facts......."prove it" He's like a school yard thug.

But, the MSM just WILL NOT cover this. They're all in Colmes' camp.

When McCain mentioned ACORN in his Hannity interview, I knew they were guilty; he couldn't risk throwing a particular name aruond without being pretty sure. At least I don't think he would.

We have to HAMMER on this...You're right, AA. That connection of Obama's sending that much money to a group caught doing this SHOULD be pretty compelling. Let's see if it works!

I hope Dobbs continues to POUND it!!! Thanks, AA...good information.

Anonymous said...

"I think the October Surprise is here!"

Lets hope so Joe, time is running out on us.

cube said...

From your blog to God's ears.

WomanHonorThyself said...

have a great weekend Joe!

Anonymous said...

I hope more of the msm pick up on this. The weight of all evidence tells us that Obama is as crooked as he can possibly be, and of course Louis Farrakhan calls him the "messiah."


I've added you to my blogroll.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog and like Mustang, have also added you to my blogroll! Keep up the good fight!

Great pictures of Obama! I especially like the one with the dog peeing.....LOL

Average American said...

MK, I don't think it is to late. There are a LOT of moderate undecided Americans out there looking for information to cement their decision, and this issue will do it for MANY of them.

Z, Alan Colmes can go pound sand. Mark my woeds, MSM has no choice on this one. They will try to soft-pedal it, but the truth is more powerful than they are.

DD2, I'm pretty sure that this is it! Just in time for the election. Almost like it was "the plan" along, just to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Cube, thanks, we will need His help. He helps them who help themselves, and we are trying to help ourselves. Thank you also for visiting. I'll drop by and check your blog out also.

Angel, thanks and you have a great one also. Things may look different(and better) come Monday.

Mustang, I'm honored. A visit from "the blog of the month"! Congratulations, you deserve it. Louis Farrakhan can say whatever he wants, we certainly know better, and I think most NORMAL Americans do also.

Thank you for your service sir!

Average American said...

Jennifer, thank you very much. I've been a fan of yours for a while. I'll add you also. The dog caught my eye because he looks very much like my dog Misty. Misty is a she, but the markings are quite similar. Actually, I posted a picture of her on one of my posts a while ago. I will "keep up the good fight", and I am sure we all will, AND WE WILL WIN!

Anonymous said...

AA.....Thank you for your kind words and adding me to your blogroll. Oh, and your very welcome. :-)

I'm gonna have to scroll down to your older posts so I can see your dog.....

Average American said...

Jennifer, keep up the good fight down there in N.J. I'm just up the road in N.H. I saw your comment at Misty's post, thanks. I have to agree, she is quite a cutie, and she really is my best friend. A little back-talk now and then--that's all, and she steals my chair all the time.

Anonymous said...

"I think the October Surprise is here!"

Lets hope so! We need all the help we can get.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Nice work again. I wish I was as optimistic that the MSM will be moved to action. My hometown paper is so in the tank, BO could commit murder and they would say the victim probably deserved it. Hopefully, some of these others will jump on them and make them do their job. Hannity, O'Reilly, etc., can mobilize a lot of opinion. I think it's good to have Colmes and Beckel on as they show their bias and stupidity with regularity. Colmes is particularly pathetic because he serves no purpose other than as a foil to Hannity. His lameness is apparent each night as he sits spinx-like and demands "proof." Pathetic.

Average American said...

DD2, I am quite confident that the ACORN scandal will swamp NOBAMA's candidacy. On top of that, there is a real good chance that "total capitulation" has occurred or will occur SOON in the stock market and a sizeable rebound will begin very shortly. When this happens, the economic issues so favorable to NOBAMA (not deservably) will fade, leaving him with his empty suit flapping in the breeze.

L&O Teacher, it is already starting. I've seen ACORN being discussed several times now. True, the leftists are denying, denying, and denying all of it, BUT, just being talked about is giving undecideds and/or independents serious reason for concern and is therefore advantageous to McCain/Palin.

Anonymous said...
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Tony C said...

Great cartoon in the upper right corner.

Pretty much sums it up.

Average American said...

Thank you TonyC, and thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed my blog and I'll be checking yours out also. Come back anytime.

Brooke said...

The fraud is rampant, and we now live in a country where we cannot be certain of the validity of our most sacred right.

shoprat said...

This shows an absolute lack of regard for the electoral system and shows just how totalitarian this people really are. If they win this they will never willingly relinquish power.

Average American said...

Hi Brooke! The fraud is terrible, and now the news from Florida--they have AT LEAST 30,000 FELONS registered to vote! Can't that state EVER get it right?

Shoprat, if they win this it will be AT LEAST 20 years before things get back to where they are today--if ever. I will be to old to give a shit in 20 years.

Average American said...

Hell, in 20 years ACORN will be registering for me.

Tapline said...

AA, Great post! after reading Bobo, today and continuing througout the blogisphire. Someone somewhere should get the idea this guy is not what he is being viewed as. Money talks...Bs walks.....NO not this office???stay well.....