Friday, April 18, 2008

Yeah, I'm still alive!

Hi friends, sorry for the extended absence. Working 7 12's takes a lot out of a guy, especially an old one like myself. We just got cut down to 10 hour days, at least for now. The checks will shrink, but the extra sleep will be nice!

I'm working at a coal-fired electric plant. We're making some upgrades to increase productivity. When we're done, P.S.N.H. will produce 14% more power. The cost for just the turbine upgrade is over 40 million dollars. I don't even know the total. I heard that the cost will be realized in increased output in 3 years!! The best part is that every kilowatt made from anything other than oil is a good kilowatt.

Spring finally seems to have come to New Hampshire! We hit 70 today for the first time in 2008. I sure hope we see that more often now. I for one am SICK of winter!! Well, I guess I'll close this post for now and go visit my list of blogger friends. Til next time, SEE YA!!



Beth said...

Hey Joe, good to see that you did not totally fall off the face of the earth. Your job sounds brutal!

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"The best part is that every kilowatt made from anything other than oil is a good kilowatt."

Not if it isn't more cost effective and not if it can't come to market without government subsidies.

C.H. said...

Your from NH, Joe? I lived in NH for most of my life until I moved out to California.

Fallen' Angel said...
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Fallen' Angel said...

Hi Joe!
Glad they cut your hours back a little bit, seven 12's in a row is murder!
Thanks for checking in with your readers so we know all is well, just a little sleepy. ;)
We used to spend a week or two every summer in NH and I still have fond memories of those tiny little lakeside cabins.
You take care,

Tapline said...

AA, Glad to know your still with us.....I thought NH got all its power from Maine yankee. Just kidding I can remember the old Hydro electric on the Piscataqua now major money condo's.....stay well...

MathewK said...

Good to hear from ya. 10 hour days eh, that's rough, hope it gets better without a drop in the pay. Yeah ever KW from non middle east oil is a good one. Keep it coming.