Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An honest Muslim

Finally, a Muslim telling the whole truth about their long term plans for taking over the world. I have said many times in the past few years that the birth rate was their true weapon. Terrorism is just their fun, but, also their diversion. Many countries are on the brink of losing their battle and even here in America, some areas are predominately Muslim. In 50 years, they will most likely be predominate country wide. Then guess what happens at the ballot box?!!


MathewK said...

They are having more children and yes they will hold major political power in the coming decades, which is not good for Christianity and non-muslims.

Only silver lining is that they'll be taking over western toilets, not economic and military power houses.

On a side note, good thing it's happening in Europe, that bastion of multi-culturalism and open hostility to Jews and Christians. If anyone deserves it, they do.

Average American said...

"If anyone deserves it, they do."

You got that right!!