Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last "Surge" Brigade coming home

The 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade is "short." They will be heading home next month after serving their 13 month tour of the sand box. They have been operating in the Arab Jabour area of Southeastern Baghbad. Some of their accomplishments included lowering the various types of attacks from about 30 per week to only 1 per week, detaining over 800 suspects, and finding over 600 weapon caches. They also cleared 6,000 houses and destroyed over 500 IED's.

During their tour, 2nd Brigade soldiers’ main duties have included blocking weapons from entering the Iraqi capital, protecting the local population and quashing sectarian violence. The soldiers also have focused on making Iraqi security forces more capable, fostering the local governance and economy, and setting up Iraqis for long-term self-reliance.

Back in March 2008, I posted about an effort in Arab Jabour to recruit 300 men into the "Sons of Iraq." From that humble beginning, there are now 5,000 members. There are also neighborhood councils in the towns and cities, private clinics are opening, 25 schools have been built or repaired, and water and electricity are back in service.

“As we prepare to redeploy as the last of the five surge brigades,” Ferrell said, “it's clear that the government of Iraq has begun to shoulder a larger responsibility for the citizens in the area that we have operated".

“Furthermore, the capacity and capabilities of the Iraqi army has improved All these vehicles of change combined to generate momentum towards prosperity, security and self-reliance.”

Ask the men and women of the 2nd Brigade if the surge is working. I will bet that I know what their answer would be.


I would recommend that you follow this link to read the rest of this great news story.


MathewK said...

Thanks to folks like them, that country stands a good chance of making it. Hope everyone remembers who cried and wailed the most against the surge, against doing anything that works.

Well done 2nd Brigade, hope there's a swagger in your step, you've earned it.

Z said...

Oh, wake up to a GOOD news story is a little overwhelming, Average American.
I wish you WERE the "Average" American, but to be average, there would have to be a majority who think like you do..sadly, there aren't!

I wish we had some kind of surge here in the US...this country feels like it could use some saving, too!

Walk with a swagger, as MK said so well, 2nd certainly DO deserve it.

Z-man said...

That's good to hear. Didn't know there was another z here.

Average American said...

Thanks for stopping by guys. The 2nd Brigade certainly does deserve to walk tall! Actually Z, I think the average American would think like we do, IF, they were getting the news from the mainstream media that we find by digging deeper. This is where us bloggers come in. WE have to spread the good news.

Z said...

Well, the mainstream media won't ever divulge what we know..

I'm just waiting for Conservatives to stand up and say "Wait! But these are FACTS...what aren't you GETTING?" Like about global warming, know?

Tapline said...

AA, Good post, Yeah, some of them are coming home. I just wish they would revamp their Constitution and become more secular. Our Troops are great. They always were, but Im afraid of what the Supreme Court did against the men in the field. Congress and the President must act to counter such a horrendous blunder..I read bothe Alito and Robers dissent and it was what really is happening in that chamber....stay well....