Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping to Trade Blind Sheik

Is this a conspiracy theory or does it make the most sense of all the stories we have heard so far?  I don't know, BUT, I can not just ignore it.  I have often said that he will stop at NOTHING to stay in power.  This is NOT beneath that slippery slimy Chicago thug!

Maybe THIS is why seals were told to "stand down".  Maybe THIS is why a General and an Admiral have been forced to retire.   Maybe THIS is why, with all the forces we had in the area within EASY striking distance, NONE were sent to help.  Maybe THIS is why drones were taking pictures instead of firing missles.  Maybe THIS is why we have heard so many BULLSHIT stories coming from the White House.

No friends, I can not and WILL NOT just discount this PLAUSIBLE explanation of what REALLY happened on that fateful night.  You decide for yourself and please let me know how you feel.


Marine4ever said...

One HELLAVA DAY,yesterday, today and tomorrow! Just now getting to the IMPORTANT stuff!

My take on this?

Same as you, AA! Not only is it POSSIBLE, just knowing how the little dip shit works, it's MORE THAN PROBABLE!

Z said...

I can't write that 'take' off ... I think he would sacrifice a lot to get reelected; but I believe his puppet masters would do even MORE to have their president reelected. They have a lot riding on destroying America and they're not going to let that go easily.
scary stuff.

But, if Peter King believes these things, why doesn't he step forward?
And, by the way, where's John Boehner been? No campaigning, no screaming from the rafters about Libya like Pelosi would have done had a Republican president lost 4 American heroes?

Average American said...

Thanks M4E and Z. I'm actually hoping for somebody to come in and tell me this is not true because it is SO scary to think that they could actually sink/slink that low. Where is John Boehner? No clue. He won't have to worry about being House Speaker again though. Wouldn't really like to see him as third in line for the White House anyway, better than Piglosi, but no wheres near good enough.

MathewK said...

At this point, anything is possible and I doubt we'll ever know the truth. It's certainly not something obama wouldn't do to boost his ratings, he's really not beyond that sort of thing.

Average American said...

We may get the truth eventually, but probably not before the election. That may not matter anyway. Anyone still planning to vote for bozo wouldn't care if he shot those 4 people himself. Morons!

Marine4ever said...

I hate that national debt counter over on the right. It reminds me of how fast the the diesel price spins when I'm filling up my truck.

Marine4ever said...

BTW, AA -- on your question about the whereabouts of John Boehner... he's at his tanning salon; it makes him feel better after a good cry.

Average American said...

The debt counter is to keep me pissed off which helps me stay focused on the problem. Boehner's tan---Ha ha ha!! He must be crying a lot lately then, I haven't seen hide nor hair of the guy in months!

Marine4ever said...

Yeah,like I really need help to keep focused on the problem to maintain being PISSED OFF at the no-gonads sonsabitchs!

Always On Watch said...

My intuition tells me that something really rotten was going on. Something prevented Obama and others in the situation room from responding properly, and I'm not chalking up to incompetence the lack of response from our high-ranking members of the Cabinet and from Obama himself.

Such a kidnapping scheme is a possibility.

However, I remain unconvinced that the root cause of Benghazi had anything to do with Obama scheming to get re-elected.

So, what I'm going to posit is a black-ops/shadow government scheme related to promoting Obama's version of a new world order in which the Arab world is "substantially changed" along the lines of Egypt and Libya. A gun running operation to Syrian terrorists, perhaps? A Syrian Fast and Furious Operation, if you want to call it that.


It could be as simple as the Obama administration wanted to be rid of Ambassador Stevens because he was about to blow the whistle on something with which his conscience wouldn't let him rest.

Average American said...

AOW, those are a couple more possible scenarios. WHEN we get his ass out of the White House, maybe we can eventually uncover the REAL truth. Of course, there is also the possiblity that it will be just like the Kennedy assassination and we will NEVER uncover the truth. Time will tell.