Saturday, May 24, 2008

How can this be legal?

Superdelegate names value of his vote

California Democrat Steven Ybarra, a superdelegate to his party's national convention, said he'll support the candidate who promises to spend $20 million on registering Mexican-American voters and getting them to the polls on Election Day.

He'll remain neutral in the race between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton until "someone shows me the money," the Sacramento lawyer told the Associated Press.

Ybarra said he believes that $20 million could pay to register 1.3 million Mexican-Americans in New Mexico, Colorado and Florida and possibly turn those states Democratic in November.

There are nearly 800 Democratic superdelegates — elected officials, party leaders and activists. They are free to vote for any presidential candidate they wish at the party's convention.

I found this article a couple of weeks ago in the USA Today and finally have the time to post it. I find this to be despicable behavior, and I think it should be if it isn't, ILLEGAL!! The democrats will stoop even lower than I imagined possible. They would love to legalize them all just for their votes! I would have thought that this offer would have made much bigger headlines than it did. Maybe I'm the only one that thought it stunk so bad??


MathewK said...

Very little the left does surprises me any more, most of it is really disgusting, but not surprising. You won't hear much about this because the media are willingly controlled by the left, they see no wrong in it.

If it wasn't for the media and the general laziness of the populace, the Democrats would be lounging around in the political wilderness like they should be.

Average American said...

I sure wish I knew who coined the name "Moonbat". It fits the leftards like a glove!

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