Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon

No politics, no blame games, no assumptions, just a call for prayers.


FreeThinke said...

Good morning, AA. I'm glad you chose to focus on prayer and concern for the victims of this new Boston Massacre and not on thoughts of vengeance and retribution towards those who may -- or may not -- be perpetrators.

there's a craziness at work in modern life to be sure, but it's nothing new. Sadly it's part of being human.

We will never be able to rid ourselves of the possibility that dreadful things can occur to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

With that in mind, however, it works in our best interests to foster kindness, mercy and constructive action in ourselves and discourage thoughts of "getting even."

The idea of getting even is fallacious. All we do when we give way to that impulse is to continue spreading the evil we say we deplore.

Anonymous said...

Oh Please let it be the Tea Party, oh please!
Apparently the FBI has a suspect according to CNN, press conference at 5 but reading the very early intel analysis in the papers there does seem to be some sort of vague consensus forming that this was homegrown, domestic terror of the shall we say maybe the right-wing variety and as some have already pointed out it happened on 4/15 or Tax Day. Some sort of ricin-laced letter was also sent to Obama and this doesn't bear the earmark of al-Qaeda or even an amateur Bugs Bunny offshoot and we all know how many enemies on the Right he has (are they avenging Breitbart's death, I mean murder?). The msm seem just a tad reluctant to go there, they did get some blowback over some very early Aurora assumptions but today, maybe tomorrow you just might hear the names Sarah Palin and Jon Voight mentioned. RUSH with his big mouth probably set the whole thing off and so Bill Moyers can happily opine about the proper parameters of free speech. Oh please please dear God let it be true!!! Rachel Maddow probably has a piece in the can already just in case.

Anonymous said...

Fuck them all, and kick these bastards out of the country, before they do things like this again. Get that you liberal losers!

Average American said...

Thanks FT. I have to confess that I do harbor a lot of ill-will over this, but, unlike the first anon to comment, I prefer to not make myself look like a complete asshole by shooting my mouth off to soon. I sure wish he would return back to read this, but he won't.

2nd anon, what makes it even worse is that they were both supposedly here legally. Hey, just a suggestion--how about using a first name so you won't get confused with the moron that commented before you? Just a thought.

Frida Van der Wiener said...

We had over 7,000 heavily armed cops, with the FBI and with a few other local and Federal agencies with heavily armed trucks and other heavily armed vehicles and Bomb sniffing Dogs hunting a single 19 year old kid in Boston, while 4 million cowering Bostonians stayed in their homes, under the kitchen table for almost a day.
That alone should totally embarrass you.
In my opinion, the two terrorist brothers and their mentors, whoever thy are won in their heinous plot in Boston. And the Boston Police as well as the FBI and all the other agencies who took part miserably failed in their task of defeating these pipsqueak terrorists. If you look at what really happened the Terrorists won. . They won because Terrorist like to inflict a physical and a economical blow as severely as they can. They won on this point without any doubt. The Boston police force and other security agencies failed miserably to weed out the known terrorist (elder brother was known to the police-FBI) from this crowd, failed to catch him for 3 long days, and these pipsqueaks killed a Policeman while the Boston Police and the FBI and allowed the terrorists to run away so easily from their hands and the worst among all imposed their own blockade while 4 million people to stayed in their homes for almost a day.
This three ring circus. sure didn’t do anything to make anyone feel any safer.
In the days to come, we will hear many stories of bravery and professionalism in the media, but the bottom line is it was a very poor show of our security agencies, and need to be investigated by a high level commission. For this mess and for the FBI’s failure to stop them before they even started, as they were warned not only once but twice. Amd maybe next time the TERRORISTS would NOT WIN.

Always On Watch said...

Knowing the root cause(s) of the jihad attack on the Boston Marathon will not do one bit of good until addressed. Not so much a matter of revenge but rather a matter of prevention of more such attacks.