Saturday, June 27, 2009

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson Die

As I watched the news Thursday morning, I was saddened to hear that one of my childhood sex idols, Farrah Fawcett lost her long battle with cancer. She accomplished a lot in her 62 years here. Like most older fans, my first memories of her was of a rather ditzy blonde bomb shell, one of Charlie's Angels. It took her quite a while to cast off the image of being a dizzy blonde. She proved to America that she had much more to offer when, in 1984, we saw her in "The Burning Bed." What a great performance that was. Her last work, a documentary about the cancer that ended up killing her, was by far her best performance. It might just be because of my generation, but I'll take Farrah and the countless other sex kittens from the 60's and 70's over today's crop any day. They were so much more wholesome, and so much more earthly. The term "bimbo" was never really defined until their replacements came along.

Fast-forward to Thursday evening. I'm sitting at the bar of my favorite watering hole sipping on a White Russian and trying to keep up with the closed captions as I watch CNN news. Whoooaa! What's that, Michael Jackson was just rushed to the hospital? Yup. A short while later he's dead. Wow, I'm thinking. Two celebrities on the same day. Damn, I thought he was older than 50. I guess it's all those face-lifts and various other surgeries. I remember him as a child when it was the whole family. I thought he was pretty good back then. I even still enjoyed his music during the moonwalking and the Pepsi roasting commercials era. When he started playing around with the kids, well, that's when I quit listening. I have absolutely no use for pedophiles. He may have had enough money to stay out of jail, but I will NEVER have any doubt about his guilt. I am surprised his career managed to bounce back, it certainly wasn't because of me.

Talk about media imbalance. They never stopped covering his death until I left the bar in disgust about 4 hours later. Those fucking idiots Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were there with their ugly mugs in front of the camera. Pathetic assholes! FOUR hours talking about that damned pervert. I'll bet it lasted a lot longer than that, but when I got home, I had control of the remote! If I hadn't caught the morning news, I never would have even known that Farrah Fawcett had died the same day. Where's the fairness in that?? As far as I am concerned, good riddance. To bad Al and Jesse couldn't have caught the same ride to Hell with him!


Tweekie B said...

Why is it the strange cases and the weird one’s get the most coverage? I felt bad when Ed McMahon’s tribute was all about Johnny Carson. I loved Johnny but there was more news coverage about Johnny than Ed. And by the way, Farah Fawcett died too.
And now Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson is in the news again because of this child molester Michael "Jerko" Jackson. Talk about political correctness! Sharpton says nothing and defends nobody unless they are black.

Michael Jackson was a miserable 50-year-old human being who made a series of very, very bad decisions. He deserves our pity, not our adulation. He was totally self-involved, and he was surrounded by parasites, and fellow sicko’s..
I am sorry that he is gone, as I am sorry for anyone who dies young. But to treat this like the death of a head of state is ridiculous. I tune into Fox for news not this sensationalism. I am much more concerned about the state of the US and the economy and all you have on is the same thing over and over. “King of Pop” Did you know that he gave that title to himself? I don’t respect the person. I will not be a hypocrite. I once loved and danced to many of his hits 20 years ago but I can’t get past his sexual offenses against children
Yes the man was very talented, a very talented pedophile.
Well at least the children around the world are a little safer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, AA.. I'm in full agreement with you. In fact this was my blog of yesterday..

Enough is Enough Already! No Mas!
I'm sick and tired of it already!~ Make it stop already! Every radio station and every TV channel has nothing on but Waco Jacko!

Why are we wall-to-wall about this guy who got plastic surgery to make himself look White, yet sang some smarmy song "Black and White" about being proud of ones race.

Why are we wall-to-wall about some pervert, who kept his kids in burhkas?

Let's get our brains back.

Very little about the "normal" folks like Ed McMahan and Farrah Fawcett. Where was the similar coverage for those good folks? No, we have to hear about this strange circus creature day in and day out. Yes it's sad when anyone dies. enough. He's not Mother Teresa, so quit treating it like some Saint died. ... Enough already with the Michael Jackson coverage! .
This coverage is bigger than if the Pope died.
Maybe if the “Great One” Obama was there to breathe into Michel's mouth they would have been able to bring him back to life!

Enough with the Michael Jackson crap already. There is a ton of real news going on both domestically and internationally, and all I hear is stories and songs played all day long by Jackson.

Angie Lee said...

Amazing how opportunistic and parasitic Sharpton and Jackson are. They are dead wood and need to cling to the coattails of whatever news story happens to flop up on the screen, regardless of race issues, and automatically turn it into a race issue.

I have mixed feelings about the accusations made against MJ, but it is still sad to see him go. Hopefully he found redemption for things he may have done, and free of whatever demons plagued him throughout his life.

RIP Farrah, Ed, and Michael. Hard to believe three losses in such a short time.

Average American said...

Tweekie B, thank you for dropping by. I hope you liked what you found here. It seems we have a similar view of the Wacko. It sickens me the way the media is fawning over him like it was some kind of a great loss or something. Believe me, he is certainly replaceable. He was replaced for me many years ago. I won't put a penny in the pocket of a sicko pervert like him.

Dude, it's true, great minds think alike. We seem to be in 100% agreement on that jerk, not like we don't almost always see things the same. I don't know if I ever commented about you returning to blog, but in case I didn't, glad you're back at it. The more like minds we have out here in the blogosphere, the better.

Angie Lee, Sharpton and Jackson are parasites, always have been and always will be. The only thing they live for is to perpetuate racism adnauseum. It sure does fill their coffers. Frigging LEACHES! It seems I am quite a bit harsher with my criticism of MJ than you, and that's fine. I'm old school and nothing will excuse him or anyone else from hurting kids, sexually or any other way. I strongly believe he was guilty and I doubt anything will ever change my mind about that. His money may have bought him a "get out of jail free" card, but I'll bet he didn't get to take it with him. No one does.

Z-man said...

I never got the Ed McMahon job, what did he do again?

Z-man said...

I wonder how many Catholics saw Jackson as a pedophile and yet continued to give to their weekly church collections during the priest sex scandals? Pajama parties at the Vatican, altar boy pudding, it's all good, let's look the other way but Jacko!! I never really had that firm opinion on his alleged guilt, after all being the cynical sort by nature it is not inconceivable that some people saw an easy way to make some money. In this virtuous world? NEVER! All things MJ I conveniently put in the file labeled IMO. I can see all POV's and everyone's entitled so that's just my .02.

Law and Order Teacher said...

As usual you and me are on the same page. FF was on my barracks wall, with both me and my roommate. She was awesome.

As for MJ, I feel about him like I do about, Elvis, he bought his own trouble. I was pissed when John Lennon got killed because it was a senseless murder. I didn't agree with his politics, but he didn't deserve to be killed. The others, quit abusing drugs.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Rest in peace alas...hope we always learn the best from everyone my friend..and hey..the SUN is out in NYC for the first time in a month..yay!! :)

shoprat said...

MJ was a much better entertainer as a child and young adult than he was in his (ahem) maturity. For him it was too much too soon. All teen-aged sex-symbols take note.

Farrah was beautiful indeed and a very talented actress. Her personal life was largely off screen which is how it should be.

Anonymous said...

Found on a blog today (Mine)..

Farrah Fawcett arrived at the Pearly Gates and God asked her what he could do for her having led such an honest life. Farrah asked God to simply make sure the children of the world were safe. Five minutes later, Michael Jackson died.

Chuck said...

Sunday and Michael Jackson is still the only story being covered, enough.

Brooke said...

I feel badly for Farah.

Good riddance to the pedophile... Sharpton and Jackson didn't even wait for the body to get cold before getting in front of those cameras, did they?


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Ed. Farrah. Michael. Billy.



Michael: you were the MOST twisted. And twisted by your FATHER.


Average American said...

Z-Man, Ed was the co-host with Johnny Carson for years/eons. He also was the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes dude. I quit going to church as soon as it was my call and that was the main reason why, that and the incessant bitching about needing more money. Your .02 is worth as much as any one elses, but I still think he was guilty.

LOT, she was more of a "10" than Bo Derrick ever was, that's for sure, although Bo wasn't bad either. You're right about Elvis and John too.

Angel, the best way to learn is from SOMEONE ELSE'S mistakes. Hey, how about sending some of that sun north for me. Appreciate it! xo

Shoprat, you're right, his early years really were quite phenominal. Had he died at 30, he would have been idolized forever. His last 20 years tarnished all the good he had. Farrah's best role was her last. Her own story , her own battle, was a masterpiece. What a remarkable woman.

Dude, that was a good one, the best I've heard so far.

Chuck, they better knock it off or the messiah will get pissed. They are cutting into HIS air time.

Brooke, Sharpton and Jackson are has-beens. They need a coattail to hang onto. I'll not shed a tear for either of their passings, mabe an applaud, but no tears. BTW, you're PURRTY!

BZ, Yeah, I just heard about Billy Mays. I wonder if the bump on the head in the airplane had anything to do with it? The wife said he got smacked pretty good.

Z-man said...

I had nothing against the guy but Ed's job I put right up there with Vanna White's, in fact hers is a harder job then saying "Heeeere's Johnny" every night and then parking his duff in a chair for the next hour. That said Joe we're both on the same wavelength about the church and those nekkid twister clergymen, in fact the fish rots from the head down. Lastly soap and I are in agreement on MJ, it's no crime to be weird or eccentric and he WAS acquitted on very overblown criminal charges in '05, that dickhead Sneddon was trying to make a name for himself. As for Farrah everything was sexier in those days even the commercials and women then had some meat on their bones...wait a minute it's coming to me (the brain cells are dying), Cheryl Ladd another good one.

Always On Watch said...

Those fucking idiots Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

Today, I was ranting about them to my best friend and referred to them as a conglomerate: "Al Jackson." The more I think about my blooper, the more appropriate I think it is!

BTW, I will be publishing a tribute to Farrah Fawcett tomorrow. Like you, I found The Burning Bed and, most recently, Farrah's Story as indications of the great actress she really was.

Average American said...

Z-Man, "in fact the fish rots from the head down." Ain't THAT the truth. Well said. Even more disgusting than what so many of the priests did was the cover-up by all the church hierarchy. They were AT LEAST as guilty as the perpetrators. Cheryl Ladd,OH YEAH!!

AOW, those to nitwits are the worst kind of racists, and they should be clumped together. They do more than anyone or anything to keep racism alive. I am going over to see that post right now!