Saturday, May 24, 2008

Showing gratitude

Instead of viewing countries like Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan as the proverbial "over there" some political leaders speak of, we should show tremendous respect to the people of those countries for fighting terrorism...right in their own backyard. While Americans go out shopping with the biggest worry of how much they can spend, Iraqis, Afghans, and others who live "over there" have to do so while fearing for their lives.

Sometimes though, they are not given the respect they deserve. The so-called "antiwar" movement repeatedly downplays the reality that Al-Qaeda is indeed operating inside of Iraq and targeting innocent people in its campaign of mass murder. Instead, they would like to present to the American people (or as they see it, potential voters) that the current fighting is only about ancient hatred, and that Iraqis are lusting for each others' blood and unable to put their country back together. The Iraqi Security Forces are portrayed as incompetent and incapable of handling operations on their own, even as they are bravely fighting against terrorism (in their own country) and taking losses much higher than their American counterparts.

I suggest we show a little more appreciation...and respect. Just because the terror attacks that are wrecking havoc across the globe have not found their way into the streets of an American city these last few years does not mean we should forget about it. Our allies and friends, as well as those who are determined to make the world a more dangerous place are fully participating...and Americans should be as well.

The paragraphs above come from C.H.'s blog of May 13. You may follow this link to read the rest of the story. He hits the nail right on the head concerning how little we Americans have to cope with. We are very fortunate (so far) that the fighting is "over there".

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MathewK said...

Indeed AA, which is why i say if we leave prematurely, they'll be slaughtered like pigs, they who help our troops kill the bad guys are taking a tremendous risk, a risk that a westerner back in America or Europe won't/cannot contemplate.

The antiwar movement can see no good in America and especially none in those that guaranteed their freedom. Too bad they can't be made to learn the hard way in isolation.