Monday, February 16, 2009


I just spent many many many hours going through the porkzilla pile and picked out a few of the porkchops for you to chew on. I left the cheap cuts there, and only picked out the multi-BILLION dollar ones. Remember as you browze through that these dollar amounts are EXTRAS. This doesn't count the amounts in the regular budget. You will notice a definite priority problem when you compare $$$ of the various cuts of meat. Some of the chops are a LOT BIGGER and JUICIER than others. And now, without further ado, I give you PORKULUS!

Rural Housing Service $11,472,000,000

Periodic Censuses and Programs, $1,000,000,000. we just HAVE to find more Demoncraps. I know they're out there somewhere.

Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, $4,700,000,000

Office of Justice Programs $2,800,000,000

Community Oriented Policing Services $1,000,000,000

National Aeronautics and Space Administration $1,000,000,000

National Science Foundation $2,500,000,000



DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY $27,200,000,000 mostly having to do with "green" energy, of

Defense Environmental Cleanup $5,127,000,000

Bonneville Power Administration Borrowing
Authority $3,250,000,000

than $4,500,000,000 shall be available for measures necessary to convert GSA facilities to High-Performance Green Buildings, Provided further, That not less than $5,000,000,000 of the funds provided under this heading shall be obligated by September 30, 2010. What in Hell is the big hurry on this one?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection $600,000,000 Cheap fucks! I wouldn't have minded seeing this one even higher.

State and Tribal Assistance Grants $6,400,000,000

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR $4,800,000,000


National Institutes of Health $11,100,000,000

children and families services programs $3,150,000,000

National Coordinator for Health Information Technology $2,000,000,000-see below for a short explanation, you won't like this one!

Education for the Disadvantaged $13,000,000,000 hmmm, Chicago and places like it? Can you say ACORN?

Special Education $12,200,000,000

Student Financial Assistance $15,840,000,000

Federal Highway Administration $29,000,000,000

Federal Railroad Administration $9,300,000,000

Federal Transit Administration $6,900,000,000

DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT $14,600,000,000 payback for the ACORN voters?


This isn't even $300,000,000,000 worth, so it is about 1/3 of the total. No one will EVER get me to believe they read this monstrocity before they voted. I will call them a frigging LIAR right to their face if they even think about it! You should see all the pages having to do with Health Information Technology. Shit, there has to be 50 of them. Not good, not anywhere near good. If anyone has, oh, let's say, um, 48 hours to waste, you might be able to read most of the important parts. If you have less time than that, I would still recommend that you follow this link and at least get a feel for what this thing is. Be afraid, be VERY afraid! Oh, and just so you know, the crap I have listed here is going to cost you, your spouse, and each of your kids and grand kids and their kids and grand kids $1,000.00 EACH! That's JUST the crap I listed here! Triple that and well, you get the picture. Hey, unborn generations, how you like us now? I'm so pissed!

Well, I'm about beat! I need some shut-eye and I need it bad. I also need a good stiff drink or three, and I wouldn't mind having a liberal hanging around to beat on either. What ever I end up doing, I am not staying here. Good night!


Angie Lee said...

It just amazes me, the level of nonsense going on here. Just when I think I cannot be surprised any more, BOOM! there I am again, surprised, shocked, mortified.

The HIT bullshit being run through this bill is just another way for Big Brother to keep his thumb on our carotid, ready to press when he needs amusement as he watches us black out from lack of blood flow to the brain.

For some reason, they seem to want to make us as brain-dead as they, by starving our brains of oxygen.

It's also a good way to tell us to piss off when we need medical care, to tell those of us with chronic diseases we're a burden on the system - and the ultimate way to wipe with the Constitution in the Outhouse of Washington by destroying that now-useless provision about the guvmint not impeding a citizen's right to enter into contracts (which is the very essence of the patient-physician relationship, a contract for services).

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Allow me to take this one step further. WHO really is going to pay for this? Who HAS the ability to pay and who WILL HAVE the ability to pay in the future? Certainly, the illegal Mexicans in the west and the growing Muslim populations in the east won't pay for this. Many of the black Poverty Pimps won't pay for this (they'll still be thrusting their hands out for Reparations). My nieces and nephew won't be ABLE to pay for this and THEIR children (if they actually lower themselves to HAVE children) won't pay for this. So WHO will pay, AA?

WHO will make GOOD on this debt?

Further, you realize, this is just the growing, rolling snowball at the top of the hill, yes?

Because, after all, you've heard government and businesses will be going BACK to the trough for MORE "stimulus" packages, correct?

After all, you didn't think this would be the LAST package, did you?


Angie Lee said...

BZ: There IS no way to pay for it - never ever.

The only way to fix this situation is to repudiate the national debt (yes, it will anger foreign agents holding the bag, and they will never extend us another dime in credit - as well they should not - while allowing the Regular Joe to do so, as well, against the credit card banking companies holding him in indentured servitude alongside the government), remove from office each and every politician who voted for this stimulus package or the last (and hold them liable for civil and criminal penalties), de-fang the entire bureaucracy, and force a balanced budget along the lines of what the Founding Fathers operated within (as intended, a LIMITED government to provide for the common defense - all other issues are essentially states' rights and the federal government had NO business ever putting their nose in most of this stuff to begin with).

Yes, it would hurt - A LOT. But it would be over and done with and we could clean up the cesspool of Washington. The American capacity for charity is phenomenal, and I have no doubt that those TRULY in need would be helped - provided they showed a willingness to help themselves and not just stand in line with their hand out waiting for what they're "entitled" to.

Mike said...

Uh, anyone else freaked out by this:


Civil? Is this money for his "citizen army"? You know, the one that makes sure you're being a good liberal or throws you in jail? (ha ha, ha ha, cough, cough, shit)

Damn, I'm getting paranoid.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Stellar work. I consider myself to be mildly intelligent, unlike the rest of those coiffed morons living on our dime, but I digress. It is becoming time to look back into history to find a solution to this atrocity. I posted on the Hartford Convention of 1814-5. When will it be time for another?

Palin-Berry 2012 said...

Boehner for President- 2012.

Brooke said...

Yeah... Meaty, huh?


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow u sure did yer research buddy..good on u!..socialism here we come!..pffftt!

Z said...

Man, Average...after reading THAT thing I'd want to dive INTO a vat of booze! How'd you DO IT? GOOD on you.

That's a BUNCH of O's...which, of course, is what Obama and this plan are.

I told Mr. Z tonight I'd rather we printed the money than borrowing from China. Call me silly for not wanting to be into debt this big to a country which can't wait for our country's demise....


Average American said...

Angie Lee, we should all be very afraid of the sectiom dealing with HIT. George Orwell wrote a fictional book about this kind of crap (1984), or at least we all assumed it was fictional. He was off by 25 years, but he wasn't far off on the contents and effects of "Big Brother!

BZ, I don't know who will pay for this shit, but I do know who won't. It won't be our generation, nor will it be the lazy bastards with their hand stuck out for anything free but a job, and you know it won't be the fucking people who were stupid enough to vote for it without even reading it. And, as you point ot, the illegals certainly won't help either. Maybe we will be lucky enough to be able to stop the next package IF we make people hear about this one. We have to get a LOT LOUDER ABOUT IT!

Angie Lee, you have a point there, many countries never paid back their loans to us, especially after WW2. We forgave the debt eventually, suckers that we are. I don't mind being generous to people that need a helping hand, I don't even mind using my tax money to do so, but NOT forever. You are able to work, but you just don't feel like it? Then STARVE you lazy asshole!

MA, I was misleading on that line. Upon further checking, that money mostly goes to Army Corp of Engineers for water and energy construction ($2,375,000,000) and operation and maintenance ($2,075,000,000. Sorry for the confusion and unnecessary scare.

L&O Teacher, we only have to look at, and live by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have to purge the creeping, festering assholes that have taken the MSM hostage and we must re-educate the population. We have a little less than 2 years to do this, or at least make a good head start on it so that we can recapture enough House and Senate seats to effectively kill NObama's chances of getting anything else done.

Palin-Berry 2012, a fairly decent ticket. I still like Sarah, and there are a few more good possibilities. Thanks for stopping by. I'll pop in and check out your digs when I get done here.

Brooke, yeah, meaty might be an understatement, but barf fits like a glove!

Angel, I guess I went way above and beyond the call on this one, and I still have the headache to prove it. I almost stayed right off the pc today, but couldn't help myself. THIS IS WAR! No time to sleep.

Z, oh, we'll be printing cash too. We still have another trillion or two planned in advance of this one. Another bailout of some sort I think. I couldn't get right to sleep last night, which is very unusual for me, so I laid there and counted


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Obama sealed his fate with this monstrosity. It might be too late, he might have sent the country into an abiss that it will take years to come out of. When I think about how much waste is in this bill I get so angry. How could peope have thought that this man would make a good president?

Putting the "zeros" in the numbers as you did makes the numbers seem even worse than just writing the word "billions", I don't know why but it does.

Beth said...

Very sad when the only thing I would have wanted them to spend more money on, THE BORDER, is just a small drop in the bucket, stupid priorities! Although, come to think about it, with the direction our country is headed, nobody is going to want to be sneaking in soon, not even the terrorists, they'll see we are destroying ourselves without their help.

Average American said...

The porkulus may well enable us to recapture enough seats in the Senate and House to be much more effective in blocking him for the last 2 years of his reign, I hope so anyway. The Republican party has to start RIGHT NOW to do this. I hope we can still survive what he has done, I guess that will be determined by how much worse it gets. They're already talking about another huge bailout after the current round is done.

Beth, I was SO PISSED OFF when I saw that I screamed! A whole $2.00 per person for the one thing that I supported, out of the $3,000.00 that the total bill cost. That's 1/15th of 1%! There's "Your Government at Work for You!" DISGUSTING!

Average American said...

Mr. Pink Eyes, the first half of the last comment was in answer to you. Forgot to address it.

Anonymous said...

Can we burn through taxpayers money like a raging wild fire? Yes we can. Scares the tripe out of one, all those figures Joe.

Anonymous said...

Hey American!
I can't believe I haven't been here before. Awesome blog, and I agree on all counts.
Good research, thanks for posting it.

Hang in there, we've got quite a ride ahead of us. We need activist bloggers like you staying strong!!
(I LOVE the countdown on your sidebar!)

Ray said...

Damn good run down here AA and I stole your pic to photoshop it, steal it back if you want. If this doesn't awaken the zombies nothing will. Then again they're used to being homeless, unemployed and broke I guess....

shoprat said...

Some of this makes sense but the vast majority of it is just hogwash.

To Be An American said...

Great blog my friend, you sound like a great American

Average American said...

MK, welcome back! Oh yes, the government sure does know how to spend the cash, especially the Dems! I used all the zeros because they are more impressive.

Pinky, I'm glad you found me. I've already visited yours and you also do a great job. It certainly is going to be a looooong 4 years.

Ray, you are more than welcome to snag any thing here , especially if you can enhance it. The zombies may be used to being homeless, unemployed and broke, but they won't be if NObama has his way. They will have everything we have---literally!

Shoprat, yes a couple of things are good, but the majority is PORK!

American, why thank you very much sir! I'll swing by and check your blog out shortly. Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Where were all you concerned fiscally concerned Americans at when Bush and his Republican Congress ran the deficit over ten trillion? Oh yeah. You were all clamoring for tax cuts that benefitted the wealthiest. I guess leaving your children a massive debt didn't matter when a Republican had the presidency.

Angie Lee said...

I guess you just don't have a clue, huh, "truth"?

Considering the fact that the debt SOARED to over 10 trillion thanks to the DEMOCRATIC-CONTROLLED CONGRESS in 2008.

It's just easier to blame Bush and the Republicans, though, than to lie the responsibility at the feet of the Dummycraps who put us there.

Ray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ray said...

That inaccurate number you quote "Truth" is another liberal talkin point, however we'll just ignore it as such since lie and liberal is an oxymoron

Our deficit is more like a bill for services rendered still unpaid for the freedom of 50 million ungrateful Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq for the most part, along with a little 911 retribution around the Muslim world for good measure.

Bush's economy's were all in line with a traditional small % of  GDP spending for 50 years spiking in WWII, then slowly rising through Slick's years (although clever accounting showed surpluses) with that meteoric spike in 9/08 caused of coarse by the Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Maxine Watters clan .

With their forcing banks to take loans to the deadbeats of the country, who we're now having to beat the money out of, and so Pelosi and Obama just wrote em all a blank check from your kids bank accounts so cleverly and incredulously blamed on Bush....

Unlike Obama's first economy consisting of  welfare payoffs and bribes to all the lowlifes, slugs and deadbeats, topped with the liberal organizations of people who voted for him and nothing more, 800 bil plus interest....there's his legacy

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for the vis to WHT..p.s.-swap melted chocolate anytime .(hugs!).ha:)

Average American said...

Truth, you have read enough of my writings so that I feel confident that you know I don't give Bush a pass for his spending. You also know that most of the worst spending DID come in the last 2 years when the D's controlled the purse strings. There is enough blame to go around, but 2 wrongs DO NOT make a right and spending our way out of a recession is a BAD idea. I agree that some of the money will actually stimulate the economy, but most is PORK! It may surprise you to know that I only attribute the minor plate full of blame to NObama. The bulk goes to the Wicked Bitch of the West and her cronie in the Senate, Harry Reid. NObama does however get the lion's share of the blame for a scared populace and Wall Street. If there is a "catastrophe", it is him, not so much the economy. He has no clue that what he says actually does sway public opinion. He thought that trick was only for vote getting.

Angie Lee, thanks for the help. You have to go easy on truth, he has partaken of to much koolaid, BUT, I hold out hope for him. He is not the last man on the left. I think we can lure him closer to the middle if we are nice.

Average American said...

Ray, as I told truth, I spread the blame for PORKULUS between the messiah, Wicked Bitch of the West, Harry, and the whole Congressional Democrat bunch, and of course we can't forget our 3 traitors. Sons of bitches acted like a bunch of kids in a candy store. Pathetic!

I guess you and Angel posted while I was writing my last comment. I was away from the pc for a while when I was doing it.

Angel, quite a flirtacious old feller, aren't I? Like I say when cornered, "I might be old, but I ain't dead!" If I ever go overboard, don't be afraid to say so.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

It was George W. that brought up "Depression" last November. I'm an admitted partisan. I understand how all of you want to put Bush and the Republican Party in as good alight as possible. But folks, it ain't working.
Of course I have my problems with Reid and Pelosi. If the Democrats don't snatch some more seats from the evil Republicans in 2010 the blame will lay at their feet.
The stimulus is a gigantic monster. And don't forget that Republicans filled it with their pork projects also. They just didn't have the courage to vote for it after they shared in adding to it. The senator across the river from me, Kit Bond, is a good example. Share your outrage people. To just blame Obama and the Democrats for so much that is ridiculous in this bill is either showing you to be misinformed, blind to the transgressions of your own party, or disingenuous.

Average American said...

....If the Democrats don't snatch some more seats from the evil Republicans in 2010 the blame will lay at their feet....

Truth, there is no way in Hell they will gain in 2010. And the blame will be theirs, and deservably so. They (Congressional Democrats) have got to quit listening to Piglosi and Reid. I think even you have to admit that those two are very dangerous people, ESPECIALLY in regards to the economy.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I witnessed firsthand how smart Obama is here in Illinois. I hope Reid and Pelosi shutup and just do as he tells them. Dems will win more in 2010 and you will have plenty of stuff to regale your right wing readership. We both win AA. Solidarity Brother!

Angie Lee said...

In no way do I think Bush and the R's are blameless; there are EQUAL amounts of blame regardless of party - but anyone who insists on laying it all at the Republicans' feet is, well, "misinformed, blind to the transgressions of your own party, or disingenuous."

As for Reid and Pelosi, aside from how greatly I despise abuse of power by our "leaders," is there some logical reason why they need to shut up and do as Obama tells them? I thought there was at least supposed to be an APPEARANCE of checks and balances?

Average American said...

Truth, how do "we both win?" Did you forget who you're talking to? First, I don't want Reid and Piglosi to shut up because every time they open their pieholes, they let more and more people see how stupid and dangerous they are. Second, I can't stand NObama's politics, and third, the left is going to lose A LOT of Congressional power in 2010. You can take that last one to the bank!

Angie Lee, there is absolutely supposed to be a balance of power, but the scales are in dire need of recalibration. You and I see eye to eye on the blame game. There certainly IS plenty to go around. That is why I became an "undeclared" voter a year or so ago. That is also why I am strongly considering starting "The Average American Party", hence the name of my blog. The extreme left and extreme right have hijacked the Dems and Reps respectively and there is no party left representing us "Average Americans!" If you get the time, check out my first few blogs from last year and let me know what you think.