Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Political Virgin

I shamelessly stole this picture from butasforme.com. You might want to visit him. He has a very nice and interesting place there, you won't be sorry. Here's just a little sample:

TODAY NEWSWEEK boldly declares that Obama may “not have what it takes.” This is a particularly sharp rebuke of Obama since the entire staff of Newsweek have been some of Obama’s greatest cheerleaders through his rocky start. It marks the turning of the tide–as the cheerleaders realize what we did by electing a ‘community organizer’–a 46-year-old political virgin.

Obama is making many mistakes due to the fact he has no executive experience, when he should be free to deal with an economic crisis

We need a leader to hit the ground running to attack a failing economy. But he will be tied up learning how to run an administration. He will be tied up learning how to be the top executive of the most powerful and dynamic nation in the world.

He is in over his head.


Anonymous said...

I don't think he doesn't know what he's doing. Yeah ok, he might not know how to fix the economy and treat foreign dignitaries, but he sure knows how to drag the country down the crapper and implement his own leftist agenda.

Pray this fellow screws up implementing his dangerous ideology.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

The assessment couldn't be more correct. But, let's not forget, McCain and Co. didn't have a fix either. Neither of these parties do at present.

And, considering that Bush and Hank Paulsen's bailout plan was a complete and total bust, why we would want to exacerbate that threefold is completely beyond me.

While it's easy to criticize Obama for his great many flaws, it doesn't do anything to put us on the path to economic freedom.

We need strong leadership that is going to stand up in support of a truly pure definition of Capitalism and subsequently defend it. We don't have that leadership right now.

Instead what we're left with is two parties that want to continue stoking the flames of class envy.

Chuck said...

I think the now famous "punch drunk" interview may do more lasting damage than anything else to date. He looked so out of place and so unqualified that even his most ardent supporters cringed. They will never admit it but it had to make their stomach do a flip.

My Files said...

Good job here, I saw your comment on DD2's blog and I wanted to stop over and say hello.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I just read the Howard Fineman article. To a degree he's correct, EXCEPT for the part about Obama governing from the "middle".

The MIDDLE? Printing money: from the MIDDLE? Who is he kidding??

But even the LEFT are having "buyers' remorse."


Brooke said...

Ready from day one my ass.

Great graphic, AA.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

He should give the shirt back to Wally Cleaver.

Average American said...

MK, he knows what he is doing, but he does NOT know what he SHOULD be doing. That is the problem.

Soapbox, I doube there is a human alive that knows all the answers, but I do know that throwing money at everything in sight is DEAD WRONG! I guess Judd Gregg is as right as anyone on the situation. I'm glad now he is not the Commerce boss. NObama would not let him have his way at all in this mess. He is more valuable to the country where he is.

Chuck, I had to laugh when I heard that one.

My Files, thanks for dropping by. Come back anytime. I will stop in to see your blog also.

BZ, that bozo wouldn't know the middle if it bit him on the friggin ass! We always knew there would be a lot of buyers remorse. I believe it has just started, and it will get much worse if the economy doesn't snap back quickly.

Brooke, I doubt he will ever be ready. Piglosi and Reid have him wrapped around their pinkies.

PCC, you don't like the shirt? HA, neither do I.

The Screaming Conservative said...

I loved reading this blog!

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"...but I do know that throwing money at everything in sight is DEAD WRONG!"

Of course it is which is precisely why I said "why we would want to exacerbate that...".

My point is that in as much as this policy is wrong on so many levels, we mustn't get caught up in the tactics of simply playing politics.

Paulson and Bush led us down this road to begin with. Anyone that supported the intitial bailout (yours truly was NOT one of them), hasn't a shred of credibility to attack Obama now that he's doing the same.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Punch drunk is right!!!what a freak show this man is!..he takes NO responsibility for poisoning our eco or anything else for that matter!

Average American said...

Screaming Conservative, thank you. I stopped by to check yours out, not bad at all.

Soapbox, you're right, it has to go beyond politics. It really is more a matter of economic survival. Injecting new freebie programs into this budget can not happen. It should be just as bare-boned as possible, of course we know that won't happen, but the Congress has to start pulling real hard on his reins.

Angel, well, we knew he wasn't a responsible kinda guy, didn't we!?

Tapline said...

AA, This is great. So .....Juvenile.....and that's where he's at.....Do it my way, or don't do it!!!!Me!!!Me!! "I" orientation.....I rant....stay well...

Anonymous said...

"Obama may not have what it takes" could very well be the greatest understatement in human history, ranking right up there with any politician's assertion that "they are not crooks."

BZ is correct: "Governing from the middle" could have been a minor editorial oversight. Maybe they meant, "Governing from the middle of the EXTREME LEFT."

By the way, I hope everyone realizes that the left is keeping track of your disloyal statements, and that at some point, you could all be designated as "domestic terrorists." When that happens, the blue-shirts will be around to kick your ...es. My advice is, load up on ammunition now.

shoprat said...

Never send an ahem male child to do a man's job and that just what America did. (I meant no racial meaning to the term, just youth and inexperience, along with naivety and arrogance.)

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The silly rants of the deluded right wingers that visit here are music to my ears AA. I look forward to more sweet whiney right wing sonnets for the next eight years. I only wish you had video so I could watch all the Obama haters dance to.

Beth said...

I don't think anyone hates Obama, we never liked his policies, and his first few months have not invoked a lot of confidence in his abilities. He can still turn things around though. He just has to get some better teleprompter writers. Like Average American and Soapboxgod, they'd write much better stuff for his teleprompter!

Anonymous said...

yada, yada, yada...Give it up sunny, he is now the president. Like it or not
You can take it or leave it.

Always On Watch said...

I tend to agree with MK.

BHO is deliberately "screwing up" so as to screw America.

I also get the feeling that BHO is a puppet. Get him away from the teleprompter, and we see that he stammers and stutters and hedges.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

GHB: let's take a vote. I vote that Mr GHB should cut a separate check to Mr Obama's federal government IN ADDITION TO the taxes he's about to pay or has paid this year. That way he'll FEEL better about this administration and, in his own small way, help those less fortunate than himself.

All in favor?


Anonymous said...

The rest of the world watches the USA and many saw he election as a nation healing itself. Mainly young and left they are now unable to see any fault with the dream.
You poor people have to live through the nightmare that is unfolding.
Here in New Zealand we finally voted out a version of the Utopia that the USA is enetering. We had teh advantage of good economic times to soften the medicine, you do not.
Our beloved leader of those times is now heading to the UN to wreak havoc on the rest of the world. My main concern is that it will unleash Hell on us for being unfaithful.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I had the honor of meeting President Obama when he ran for U.S. Senate. I worked with two of his people on the campaign. Obama is in charge and knows what he is doing. I don't expect most of AA's readers to accept that since they're closed minds to all but the most vitriolic right wing catch phrases won't let them.

Average American said...

Tapline, I have a term for that, I call it "control freak", and yes, he certainly is.

Mustang, if he's governing from the middle, the scale he uses is way way off and is in dire need of calibration. "Domestic terrorists", is that the new PC term for racist??

Shoprat, I said the same thing somewhere, except I used the word "boy". If he would stop acting like a child, I might not view him as one.

TRUTH, have you been sneaking into that koolaid stash again? I thought you were trying to kick the habit. I had hopes for you, but now, I'm not so sure.

Beth, I hate his politics and his ideology. I am very close to hating him also. I few more stupid moves on his part will get me to that point.

I will give him credit for how he has handled the 2 wars so far. He was smart enough to leave the important people in place and he seems to actually listen to them. On just about every other move he has made, he flunks!

Average American said...

GHB, I wish we had that choice, I would leave it. I visited your blog and to tell you the truth, I probably won't be back. After reading 5 or 6 of your last posts, I find you to be much more racist that the people you claim are racist. Did you happen to know that Martin Luther King was a republican? I didn't think so.

AOW, NObama is a puppet and George Soros controls his strings.

BZ, leftists don't want to give THEIR OWN money away, they want to spread OUR wealth around. You should know that by now.

Pique Oil, thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I know little about the politics of New Zealand, but I visit MK quite often and envision Australia to be similar. I'll drop in and check out your blog later. If you are bouncing back from liberalism, congratulations! That will give us hope here.

Truth, HA! You call that an honor? I met Jimmy Carter, that was no honor either! Look, NObama might KNOW what he's doing, but WE don't LIKE what he's doing. I know in my heart that our enemies are not going to be talked into liking us. Iran, North Korea, Venezuella and a host of other countries that hate us are not going to listen. If Iran ends up getting Nuclear capacity, it will have that capacity FOREVER! If illegal aliens get legalized, they will be legal FOREVER. Screwing up on some things can be undone with the next President. Some things he screws up on will haunt us FOREVER, no going back, no change, no re-do. THAT is why I/we fight tooth and nail against his policies, because I/we give a shit about our country and our future generations.

Anonymous said...


The environmental protection agency would like you to remove that disgusting picture of Barack Hussein Obama as being in the best interests of the American people and their sense of self worth. Moreover, we would like you to promise never to publish another picture of said president. Once you promise, you have to spit.

Thank you

Boss Smogg

Average American said...

Boss Smogg,

As soon as I stop laughing my ass off, I will consider your request.


The Average American

Average American said...

Boss Smogg,

In regards to your request of March 26, 2009, I respectfully have to decline. After careful consideration of the matter, I find myself in quite a dilemma. As much as I would love to help my government and clean up the environment, I fear that to honor your request would be showing a weakness on my part. I must not be seen as caving in to the EPA on my Constitutionally protected 1st amendment rights. I hope you can appreciate my position. I have however decided to offer a compromise option.

SPIT SPIT SPIT! Hopefully this will show that I am a reasonable man.


The Average American

Anonymous said...

Obama is the greatest thing to happen to this country in a very long time...its a shame you can't open your eyes to that simple fact.

Anonymous said...

Get a life!

Anonymous said...


Or rephrased just a tad differently from the perspective of a delusional citizen in 1933, Adolph Hitler is the greatest thing to happen to this country in a very long time...its a shame you can't open your eyes to that simple fact.

You'd better get a grip folks; government is never the friend of freedom.


Anonymous said...

Amen to what you said to our Gray Headed Thick Headed Brother!

Average American said...

Burroughs, "Obama is the greatest thing to happen to this country in a very long time..."

Average American, "Obama is the greatest thing to happen to lowlife lazy scum and leftist idiot koolaid-drinkers in a very long time..." and its a shame you can't open your eyes to that simple fact!!!!!

GHB, yeah, right.

Mike, a VERY good point. Thank you.

Right is Right, thank you for dropping by, for commenting, and for the support! I'll get on over to visit you in a short while.


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I support President Obama because I care about our Country and it's future also AA. I would think that after 8 years of Bush you would be ready to embrace anything different. What did his cowboy diplomacy get us? Invasion of a country that was no threat and sitting by while Syria and Iran trained and armed insurgents that killed Americans in said country. At least we were told Iran and Syria were arming insurgents. Why are Tehren and Damascus not parking lots if the great warrior Bush was sure their actions killed Americans. This Lib would have most certainly supported that.

Average American said...

Truth, I do believe that you care about our country and it's future, but I disagree with many of your ideologies on what is the best course for her. I can't bare to see this administration continue on the extreme tax and spend road they are traveling. I know Bush got caught up in spending also, but nowhere near to the extent NObama wants. As for the war front, I don't have first hand knowledge as to why we first went, but I do agree with staying until Iraq is stable. We are so close to that point, it would be absolutely criminal to drop the ball now. Making a parking lot out of Tehran and Damascus does not sound like the opinion of very many liberals. Are you really sure you aren't a moderate in liberal clothes? If you ever find yourself in northern New Hampshire, get ahold of me and I will buy the first round. We'll have a chat.

Unknown said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I will return to read you again soon!

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I'm probably more extreme right on some issues than many of your readers AA. I just carry a good dose of empathy. And I don't agree with President Obama on matters of bailouts. But I alwys said, if two people agree on everything, one of them has a problem with his nose.

The invitation is mutual AA. You're ever in Quincy first round's on me.

Average American said...

AirmanMom, I just visited your site, and I will return. I salute your son, and also you for raising what seems to be a fine young man. As a Vietnam Vet, I respect ALL of America's finast, past and present, and their families. Vets from that war are particularly aware of how much a "thank you" means to our young men and women in uniform, and I ALWAYS make sure to thank them, so, please tell your son I said "THANK YOU!"

Truth, I'm not sure I've seen you say anything extreme right, but I will admit that you are not a lost cause by any means. Are you a Democrat or an independent? If you are Democrat, I have to ask you, are you comfortable there? I would guess not really.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Midwest is a democratic breed of it's own. 250 northwest in Chicago they'd think we were Branch Davidians or something.

Burroughs said...

Of course you would use the word "scum"....