Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New police training in Arab Jabour

If you dig deep enough you can find good news. This article tells of some "Sons of Iraq" getting a chance to enter the Iraqi Police. Its been one of the stumbling blocks for reconciliation for a long time now. Maybe there really is a glimmer of hope after all.

Soldiers and IPs worked together at each of the five stations, taking recruits through the application process.

The first station involved organizing paperwork and checking identification. Once applicants cleared station one they moved on to a quick background check where they were vetted through a database of known insurgents.

Applicants were then taken through a health screening process where combat medics of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1-30th Inf. Regt., assisted Iraqi doctors with health screenings.

After completing their literacy test at station four, the candidates went on to the final phase of their screening process, a test of their physical abilities. Applicants labored through pull-ups, push-ups, a 200-meter sprint and finally, a sit-up event.

Once completing the five stations the men’s contact information was taken and they were told that notification of their ‘pass or fail’ would arrive in the coming weeks.

It's so refreshing to get good news every once in a while.


Texas Truth said...

I have some of my former students serving in Iraq. They come back and tell me (and my classes) that there are many good things happening in Iraq and the news of such events are not getting out. It seems the reporters only want negative stories about the USA. Many of the (reporters) are a bunch of slime.

Tapline said...

AA, Good post....Much good news about Iraq can be gleaned from Iraq the Model and Iraqi Mojo. I read them almost daily. I wonder what the average education level is of these trainees. It seems if they want to help the country, Education is the key....Of course this cannot be accomplished if there is no security and essential services....stay well...

MathewK said...

"Many of the (reporters) are a bunch of slime."

Ain't that the truth, the only news we get out here is when a suicide bomb goes off or the death toll goes up. Can't have anyone thinking it might actually work out can we. Bastards, most of them.