Saturday, September 15, 2012


Remember when Sarah Palin didn't have enough experience to be the VICE President, but, somehow NOMObama DID have enough to be President?  Well, of course we all KNEW that was bullshit.  NOMObama had no experience what-so-ever!  Guess what?  HE STILL DOESN'T!!!  Oh, sure, he's been President for over 3 1/2 years, but what has he done with all that time?  He's played a lot of golf.  He's taken the family on many vacation s and long weekends.  He's CAMPAIGNED for himself during all most all of his waking hours.  He even was forced to make a couple of important decisions (poor over-worked guy).  Bottom line, HE STILL HAS NEXT TO NO EXPERIENCE!!!!!   Now, let's look at a few things he HASN'T done.  He hasn't attended anywhere near half of his foreign policy meetings.  He hasn't had a BUDGET since he took office!!  He hasn't been transparent AT ALL.  He hasn't surrounded himself with the most capable Cabinet, advisors, or czars he could find.  He hasn't fixed the unemployment disaster.  He hasn't cut the deficit in half.   He CERTAINLY hasn't made America safer or better than it was before he got here.  In short, he HAS NOT  been worth a shit as President.  He has fallen below JImmie Carter as the WORST President in our history!!  And now, he has the balls to ask, no demand, that we give him a MULLIGAN (for you nongolfers, a do-over, the first one was just practice) on his first term.  He can do more in the next four years.  THAT is what worries me!  It would likely be MORE damage!  What he seems to be completely forgetting is that what he "inherited" when he first took office is NOTHING compared to what Romney and Ryan will "inherit" when he's GONE!!!  Like he could  do anything but make it even worse.  NO  MO  bama!!

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