Saturday, March 23, 2013

AR-15's save crops

Here's one damned good reason to own an AR-15!  Not that we really need any reason other than the Constitution.  Of course the same nitwits that hate guns also would hate killing the hogs too, but screw them, they don't like anything we normal people do anyway.  I happened to see this at my favorite watering hole last night and searched until I found it because I just knew you'd all want to see it too.


Always On Watch said...

Great find!

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Average American said...

Thanks AOW. I though this was a real good reason, among many, to justify so-called assault rifles. I just wish people realized that the second aendment has NOTHING to do with hunting or protecting ones home from thiefs. All perfectly good reason to own fire arms but only the added benefits. The real reason is for the protection of our way of life and to keep the government working for us, NOT the other way around. They have managed to usurp that whole scenerio without anyone firing a shot. SHAME on us!