Monday, March 24, 2008

Liberation of Karmah

KARMAH, IRAQ – Just beyond the outskirts of Fallujah lies the terror-wracked city of Karmah. While you may not have heard of this small city of 35,000 people, American soldiers and Marines who served in Anbar Province know it as a terrifying place of oppression, death, and destruction. “It was much worse than Fallujah” said more than a dozen Marines who were themselves based in Fallujah.

“Karmah was so important to the insurgency because we've got Baghdad right there,” Lieutenant Andrew Macak told me. “This is part of the periphery of Baghdad. At the same time, it is part of the periphery of Fallujah.”
On the same day just a few blocks away, local Iraqi leaders held a ceremony where they officially re-opened the market on the main street. Until very recently, almost every business in Karmah was closed. For years they had no security, no economy, and no city utilities. All now are recovering.

Every Iraqi leader in the city showed up, as did hundreds of civilians, Iraqi Police officers, and Iraqi Army soldiers. The Marines were there, too, providing security. Americans did not, however, have anything to do with organizing or sponsoring the event. “We’re just here in the background,” Captain Jones told me

I find more and more examples of good news lately. Hardly any of them come from the mainstream media. Please follow this link to a fantastic story from Michael Totten. If you're hoping for peace and an eventual withdrawal from Iraq, you will not be disappointed. This article is part 1 of "The liberation of Karmah." When you have enjoyed reading this, please spread the word.


Beth said...

Am I missing where the link is?

Average American said...

Good catch Beth. Sorry for the inconvenience. As you can see, it's been corrected.


Beth said...

Thanks Joe for posting it, it was well worth your effort. The surge is working, you won't hear the msm talk about it, or the Democratic candidates. John McCain does, since he supported it, however you don't hear much from Senator Mccain lately.

MathewK said...

When you don't hear the MSM talking about it, that's when you know it's working. Unless the silence is when a liberal is in charge, then you can be assured it's much worse than you think it is.

Remember when Musharraf was running Pakistan how liberals were suddenly yearning for democracy in Pakistan, voting and all that. Now that he's been kicked out and the bombs are still going off and people being killed all over the place, the media is not terribly interested anymore. Sure it's on the websites but little or nothing on the evening news.