Monday, March 31, 2008


It's still March and I just mailed my tax return! If I'm not mistaken, that might possibly be a personal record for me. It usually goes out April 15, unless we get an extra day because the 15th is a Sunday, then it ends up being the 16th. I don't know why I wait so long. It's not like I owe them more, I always get a rebate. I'm one of those guys that is willing to give Uncle an interest free loan in exchange for an automatic savings plan. At least this way I have money to pay that other dreaded tax, the state property tax. This year, I ventured way out in the "gray area" and I'll even have some left over after I pay that! YIPPEEE! I wonder if Iraqis pay an income tax? Maybe their oil covers it for them. Sure would be nice. Does America have anything we could sell to reduce our taxes? How about politicians and lawyers? We have more of them than we need.

We might just have a lot of oil we could sell. I don't know if the government makes much off it or not but this article, if it's not just a bunch of crap, might help. It sure would be nice to be able to tell the whole mideast and Venezuella where to stick their oil!
This "Bakken formation", if it really does have 200 billion barrels, makes it almost as big as Saudi Arabia!! Must be to good to be true. Won't the liberals have a field day with this!



Here's another link to a more reputable source. Maybe this is the real thing!


Beth said...

Sure would be nice if the oil pans out in North Dakota (hope no environmental wackos stop the drilling).

As for selling lawyers and politicians, something tells me we'd have to pay someone to take them off our hands!

Might be worth it....

The Griper said...

he chuckles, good one beth.

Tom said...

But the oil companies will just sell it to China for more big profits and we'll still be paying $4.00 a gal. Worse yet Congress won't need to do anything towards alternative energy solutions for several more years. Besides there's bound to be a rare lizard subspecies or something that would be disturbed.