Monday, June 8, 2009

Climate Change Catastrophy

Are all the water pipes in D.C. lined with lead? Is there something else in the water that makes people go insane? Does the word "common sense" still exist down there? Just what in HELL are our politicians trying to do to us? Even "Stupid is as stupid does" does not fit the situation we find ourselves in these days. I sit here day after day reading and hearing about the latest schemes to destroy us and I just plain can't believe what I see and hear. This President and this congress must have spent years planning all the crap they are perpetuating on us right now, this crap can't just be off the cuff.

Of course I had heard about this whole "cap and trade" scheme prior to now, but it seems to have mushroomed into a much bigger pile of shit than it originally was. Turns out it's just another humungus way to "spread the wealth" again. Make everybody pay through the nose for energy and give a little of that money back to the workless ones. I sure hope there are millions of people planning to do something further with the "tea party" beginnings we had back in April. We the people of this once great country had best be planning NOW to oust most of the idiots next year or there is no way we will EVER get back to any semblance of normal. Here's an article that is bound to make you want to either puke or kill someone. I will be puking myself empty as soon as I hit the "post" button.

WASHINGTON – Low-income families will receive hundreds of dollars a year to help pay higher energy bills if Congress enacts the first-ever limits on the gases blamed for global warming, according to a new analysis.

But it is unclear just how much more those families will have to pay for energy.

A Congressional Budget Office analysis of the cost of global warming legislation working its way through the House estimates that low-income families could initially receive $161-$359 in credits or rebates, if the bill becomes law. That amount could rise to $282-$628 by 2019, depending on the family's size. (redistribution of wealth)

The money would come from the government auctioning off pollution permits to companies that release climate-altering gases. The amount of permits that will be sold will increase over time and they will become more expensive, generating $846 billion from 2010-2019, the analysis says. (I'd call that a pretty good sized new tax, wouldn't you?)

The bulk of that money — $693 billion — would be given away as free permits to companies and states to ease costs. The remainder will pay for research, the energy tax credits and rebates, and a worker assistance program that will provide benefits including lost wages and health insurance to people who lose their jobs because of the limits placed on global warming pollution.

Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who is sponsoring the bill along with Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., called it a win-win Monday, pointing out that it could actually reduce the federal deficit by a total of $24 billion over the next 10 years. Over that decade, however, the deficit is expected to total $9.3 trillion. (those fucking idiots can't really believe that bullshit, can they?)

"The Waxman-Markey bill will get our planet out of the red, while helping to put our budget back in black," Markey said in a statement. (can he really be that stupid, or does he think we are?)

President Barack Obama has repeatedly said that any effort to control the gases blamed for global warming should provide relief to lower-income households. His budget proposal called for the auctioning of 100 percent of the permits to companies, with most of the money going to poor and middle-class families to ease higher energy prices. (I don't know who's worse, him or Al Gore)

The bill before Congress would only return revenues directly to families from the sale of 15 percent of the permits. It is unclear just how much of the additional cost in energy and other goods the resulting rebate or credit will cover.

Various studies by the federal government, universities, and think tanks have found that the average household could pay an extra $98 to $1,600 a year for electricity, gas and other goods that need energy to be produced if the government requires mandatory reductions in heat-trapping gases. Lower-income households are likely to feel the burden more because they spend a greater percentage of their income on energy.

The price increases are expected to come as companies pass on the cost of buying permits and reducing the emissions linked to global warming.

The legislation calls for a 17 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020, and an 83 percent cut by mid-century. (want to reduce gases, try shutting your frigging pieholes for a change! There's your reduction in emmissions!)

It will achieve that reduction by giving away and selling pollution permits to companies operating 7,400 facilities nationwide, including power plants, refineries and factories. Those companies can then reduce pollution to meet limits, or purchase excess permits from companies that have already met the threshold.

Republicans immediately said the analysis confirmed that energy prices would rise as a result of the legislation. They also said the tax credit — which would only apply to individuals making less than $23,000 and families earning less than $42,000 — means some working-class families will be left out.

"Increasing Americans' fuel and utility bills in this recession is not only bad policy, but it completely ignores the hardships millions of Americans are already facing," said Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, which plans to take up the bill this month. "This is dangerous legislation in desperate need of closer review."

What will really happen is that everything we buy will cost more. I can't think of any product that will be imune to price increases due to either it's manufacture, or the transportation to get it here. This bill has the potential to devastate a lot of good companies and in turn, a lot of jobs.

The saddest part is that all this shit is based on that crap about man being at fault for the shift in Earth's weather patterns, something that has been happening since the beginning of time. Talk about audacity, this is "THE AUDACITY OF CHANGE" to the Nth degree.


Angie Lee said...

What further proof do I need that it's time to quit my job, file bankruptcy, and suck the welfare tit? Eventually enough of us will do just that and there won't be anyone left to extort taxes from. Wonder where they're gonna get their free lunch then? I'm above the income threshold (love how family size is not defined, but assuming 2 times the poverty rate for a family of 4, why is it not adjusted upward for larger families?) so they're just telling me to sod off.

Must be because I'm a "breeder" - even though I actually WORK (3 and even 4 jobs, WITH a disability) to support my kids AND two I ended up with because their human incubator refused to protect them from her "wonderful husband" raping them, let alone actually, you know, feeding and clothing them and stupid insignificant shit like that....

Seems to me it's long past time to re-institute the poor farms; if they still refuse to work to sustain themselves and their kids, they lose their kids. If they STILL refuse to work to sustain themselves, well, there's always psychotropic medications to make them yet MORE.... compliant.

tapline said...

The Progressive Society, and it is upon us.The welfare state...very soon now we will implode!!!...My golden years have turned out to be tin years. If the elected ones don't wake up????I agree with you AA. What's in the water. McCain was also for this insanity. They are all in the same barrel. put a couple of bad apples in there and soon or later they all become rotten to the core...Their money is such,,,they cannot relate to the common people and as far as the country is concerned?????? The tea parties better start becoming an active part of whats happening to our country and it's people...Talk about waking up people I only hope it is not too late...Wake up Washington or watch the sparks in 2010...Nute has an excellent speech tonight on C-Span...He at least seems to get it and he spoke to the energy tax as a tax on everyone.....VOTE THEM OUT....ALL OF THEM!! I'm rambling again........Stay well...

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"The saddest part is that all this shit is based on that crap about man being at fault for the shift in Earth's weather patterns, something that has been happening since the beginning of time."

No. The saddest part is that all this "shit" was adopted largely en masse by a Republican party that was at once an opposition party. What is more, they put the very poster child [McCain] up as their nominee. Be it know it is that very nominee that helped to not only craft the very Cap and Trade legislation but more importantly and much more deletariously, gave it validity to which the Democratic party could then exploit it to its fullest potential.

If it's blame you want to place, I suggest going right to the source in looking within.

shoprat said...

And we are in the middle of a serious cooling trend where I live.

Anonymous said...

Cap and Trade and Gov't health care will together finish off our economy if they are allowed to be passed. God help us.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Joe!..Does the word "common sense" still exist down there? ..nope it sure doesnt my friend..great piece..keep hollering!

Z said...

Wait, I want help, too! But, alas......
Good post, American... shoprat's not the only one in a cooling trend...LA's been in the low to mid sixties for the last two months, VERY rare.
I hope you're doing well.
And FOX did a piece today I couldn't stick around to hear the details of "NO SUMMER" ???

Brooke said...

Gee, with motivation like this to be poor, why will anyone wish to work?!?

Anonymous said...

"can he really be that stupid, or does he think we are?"

No, he thinks you are.

"I don't know who's worse, him or Al Gore"

That's easy, gore is just a rich gasbag prattling from the sidelines, hussein is on the inside.

"This bill has the potential to devastate a lot of good companies and in turn, a lot of jobs."

And that's exactly what they want to do Joe. Elsewhere they call it kyoto, in some places they call it emissions trading, out here it's called carbon reduction for now.

As you say it's just different names for the same take-from-those-who-produce and give-to-those-who-won't socialist shit.

In places where this crap is in place, carbon is not reduced but those countries are forced to pay other countries to offset their emissions.

Just one more way the left are trying to screw over humanity.

People ignored hussein obama when be revealed himself to be a third-rate socialist, not they'll have to pay.

Average American said...

Angie,....If they STILL refuse to work to sustain themselves, well,....let them STARVE TO DEATH!!

Tapline, it IS a tax on everyone, and a HUGE tax at that. When they make energy more expensive, every manufactured product still made here will cost more to make--and--to buy, every manufacturing job we have left in this country will be in jeopardy, and all they are considering is the cost of heating and cooling ones home. That cost is only the tip of this iceberg(pun intended)!

Soap, I place the blame on every political bozo that is pushing this bullshit, and I do not give a shit WHICH party they happen to belong to. As far as I am concerned, they are all lunatics for believing that the human race actually has the capacity to make a difference. We don't!

Shoprat, same here. I planted the garden, but so far nothing has even broken ground except for the stuff I started in the house.

Kris, that is exactly my point and my worry. As fragile as the economy is, right now is the WORST time to be meddling with shit like this.

Angel, I'll keep hollering but I fear no one in power can hear me.

Z, I guess we'll all save on our air conditioning bills this year.

Brooke, THAT is EXACTLY why socialism doesn't work. Eventually the productive people are such a small minority they can no longer pay all the bills and the government loses control of the masses because they can no longer support them all.

MK, I don't know about Gore. He stands to make billions on this crap. It's his company that will be selling the credits the way I understand it. I see this thing as the biggest SCAM ever perpetuated on the American public, actually, the world population.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"Soap, I place the blame on every political bozo that is pushing this bullshit, and I do not give a shit WHICH party they happen to belong to. As far as I am concerned, they are all lunatics for believing that the human race actually has the capacity to make a difference. We don't!"

Objectivity AA...I LOVE IT!!!

Kudos my good man. The latest Republican victim...?

Eric Cantor (see my blog for more details).

Mr Pink Eyes said...

Part of the global warming agenda is government control through regulations but you have hit on another goal of the global warming alarmists, wealth redistribution. This is another way of implementing a socialistic program. The more we hear about this the more frightening it becomes.
Hopefully they will overplay their hand and will be exposed. said...