Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Secret History of Getting High in America

I wonder, should we consider legalizing marijuana and tax it just like cigarettes or alcohol? If legalizing it was coupled with a mandate that ALL federal taxes associated with it HAD to be used to fight other, more dangerous drugs, might that not be a good thing? Might not this be a good way to curtail the efforts of all the drug cartels? What do you think?


Z said...

BOy, I so don't want to be a country of marijuana stores from NYC to LA...we already have enough MEDICAL MARIJUANA shops. And, I've seen on TV that those shops have selections like "Purple Lady" and "Tortoiseshell" and "Smooth Lagoon" and the buyers sniff them like they're buying tea and select their favorite. THAT's just MEDICAL? Wouldn't you think medical pot would be ONE TYPE....??
I like your idea of the tax thing (I can't hear the video cuz my screen's new and Mr. Z hasn't set the sound up yet) but I'd like it taxed something like 500%! Maybe then less would smoke it!?

Average, I get such a kick out of your comments at my place; thanks so much for coming by..great stuff!

Z-man said...

Honestly Joe I do believe pot is a gateway drug. Of the people I've known in my personal life who have smoked pot they ALWAYS tried other harder drugs, LSD was a common choice. It's like people get tired of masturbating or Playboy DVDs and go on to something else.

Anonymous said...

Great post... and I love that pic of Nancy Pelosi on your side bar.

MathewK said...

There is the gateway drug thing, if it's legalized then does that mean that other drugs are on the table then?

The other thing is that it has been proved to cause brain-damage, i suppose if people still want it, then that's fine, as long as no one else is affected by it.

That's the sticking point for me on all drugs, no one has been able to prove to me that legalizing drugs will also ensure that i or the drug-users children for example will not be affected by their habit in any way, shape or form.

Average American said...

Doesn't look like much support here. I am completely open minded on this issue. I just think that it is a shame to let the drug cartels and other thugs make all the money when it could be the government, who could in turn combat more dangerous drugs with the cash. I also hate to see people lose respect for all laws just because they get away with breaking one. It's like illegal aliens. Why should they respect our laws when we don't enforce the first one they broke by sneaking in here?

Dude, you should like that picture, I stole it from YOU!

Z-man said...

I read somewhere that pot is like a low dosage of a psychoactive or hallucinogenic (psychedelic) drug. Sure it's not the most dangerous but of the people I've known who have used it habitually it seemed to change their personality, hard to get along with, always on edge, even paranoid. They don't seem to respect other people, no initiative, lazy. Now soapie would say they were that way to begin with, we had this discussion once so we beg to differ.