Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did our Tea Parties do this?

I visited my Senator's web page today (this post was written a week ago and I just now posted it) and found this:

"Mail Delay

Please note that due to heightened security in the U.S. Capitol, mail service to my Washington, D.C. Senate office is significantly delayed. If you have any correspondence that is time sensitive, please use alternatives such as e-mail, phone, or fax."

I wonder if a flood of Tea Bags had anything to do with it, or maybe it's because Napolitano's list of "Right Wing Extremists" is so long. Gee, for a "few" protesters, we sure seem to have made an awful nuisance of ourselves huh. I mean, the media said there were only a few of us and we would fizzle out and not be a problem, right? NObama didn't even know we were protesting, he must be leading quite the sheltered life.

The reason I went to her site was to send an e-mail concerning Cap and Trade. Here it is. Please consider doing the same to your Senators.

Cap and Trade regulations will be the biggest hidden tax this country has ever seen. Any Senator who sees it as anything else is very badly mistaken! There is no way that the associated costs of this ridiculous package will be absorbed by the businesses incurring them, they will be passed on to us consumers. This does not stop at the electric utilities. Fuel, food, anything that requires heat or power to manufacture, and anything that requires transportation will cost us more. I am aware that you support going "green" and believe in Global Warming, but please don't let your personal feelings dictate your vote on this matter. With all of the other exorbitant spending going on lately, WE CAN NOT AFFORD anything of this magnitude. You Senators and Representatives we sent to Washington to represent US are not doing such a great job so far. I hope your counterparts in the House will be looking for new jobs next year because of their voting records, and we are watching your every vote also. You can redeem yourself a little by voting AGAINST this one. AT LEAST READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!!!!! Thank you for considering this request.

I know you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar but I couldn't help myself. The bitch just pisses me off and it is very hard to stay civil. At least I didn't swear at her! Oh, and I also didn't type in red or big fonts either, just capital letters.


Anonymous said...

I think the email is great. I know the saying but there is a time for honey and this just isn't it!

Average American said...

Jenn, I can't seem to leave comments at your site lately. I don't know if it's a problem with my computer or your blog. I'll keep trying.

MathewK said...

Good on ya Joe, fight them, fight them all the way, every inch, at every corner and for everything. Otherwise you give the bastards an inch an they'll take a mile.

Anonymous said...

A couple people have told me that, and I took word verification off and things seem to be okay now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I could use your help trying to counter Time, I am looking for facts as I write.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I can't even bring myself to go to her website.

Beth said...

I'm not sure calls even matter anymore.

We have a group going to our reps local office to protest, but I don't even think that will do any good. Our politicians in Washington have appointed themselves the decider of things, forget that they are suppose to represent us!

Susannah said...

Go get 'em!! I know I'm going to!

Unknown said...

Citizens Against Cap and Trade Petition -- Sign my petition against cap and trade. I am sending it to Senator Webb and Warner. Post it on your profile or blog if you wish. Lets try to save money for every household and defeat secret taxes. said...