Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drug Testing

How many of you recognize this container? For those that don't, it is a "bottle" that is used to piss in for a drug test. Millions of Americans, myself included, have gone through this process to prove our abstinence from drug use. In my case, I have had to undergo this dehumanizing experience close to 100 times. As a construction worker who went from job to job and employer to employer for years, it was usually a mandatory part of applying for a job. Many jobs also did random testing as well as another mandatory test if any accident or injury occurred, no matter how small. Any one on or near that particular crew would be brought right down for a test. I always figured it was a necessary evil that I could bear to get a good paying job, and besides, it helped keep me and my coworkers safer by ensuring that we weren't working on dangerous jobs next to someone who was incapacitated by drugs.

Why am I telling this story? Let me get right to the point. If I had to undergo this treatment to earn a decent living, why in the world should I quietly sit back and let the government dole out my hard earned cash, IE taxes, to drug addicts and drunks without even making them go through the same thing. I am going to start a campaign in my state, New Hampshire, to correct this situation, and I would encourage you the reader to do the same in your state. Anyone that gets any kind of government assistance that is paid for with tax dollars should have mandatory drug testing to get on, and stay on the program. This is NOT stepping on their constitutional rights! To not do so IS stepping on mine! I am sick and tired of supporting some derelicts drinking and drug habits and I am DONE being quiet about it!

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I would COMPLETELY concur. It's way past time to STOP generational welfare and to STOP paying people for more children. You don't pass the drug screening? NO welfare or housing for you! Don't like it? Move to Canada or Mexico.