Monday, November 3, 2008

Today's Riddle

Hillary, Biden and Obama were on a donkey, at the edge of a cliff.
The donkey got spooked and jumped off the cliff.

Who was saved?

I stole this somewhere, damned if I can remember where. Thanks to whomever it was.


MathewK said...

Make that the whole world Joe. Most of us fools around the world swallow the pro-Obama tripe that's dished out to us but a Democrat in the white house definitely means the evildoers of this world have 4 years of free reign. Particularly under King Barack.

Brooke said...


Tapline said...

Outstanding riddle. I wouldn't have guessed.....stay well

WomanHonorThyself said...

Ah, my friend..we are down to the wire..PRAY for our Nation please!..hugs!

Z said...


mk, thanks for your unending support of the best of America (that would be the CONSERVATIVES< of course!)

good joke, wherever you got it, AA..thanks! xxx

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Hey, I guessed it before I scrolled down! Do I get a gold star?

Average American said...

MK, a big chunk of the world would disagree, but you're right, it saves them also. I wouldn't be so afraid of other demoncraps, but out of 11 Presidential elections that I have voted in, this guy really scares me the most. I add my thank yous to Z's. You are a hell of a good friend to us Americans, and we really appreciate your support.

Hi Brooke, well girl, we'll know soon enough! I think America just might get a reprieve this time. Don't know how long we can hold them off though, assuming we win tomorrow.

Tapline, thanks. Just had to take the opportunity to chuckle a little. The stress waas getting to me.

Angel, I certainly will be praying, and I'll also be standing outside the polling station trying to convert as many last minute voters as I possible can tomorrow! As far as the hugs, you betcha! I've seen your picture! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMA!=bearhug:) Did I ever happen to mention I'm an ole flirt?

Z, you can only vote once or else the leftards will cry foul, only they get to vote vote vote. I will pray pray pray though.

One gold star for PCC! Good work!

Anonymous said...

I just saw LIVE on Fox news in a Pennsylvania polling place TWO BLACK PANTHERS in Black Panther military uniforms holding night sticks walking around intimidating the people.
The police was called as was Fox news and showed it live on TV
Is this what we can look forward to for the next 8 years?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Keep the faith, brother. I think the Black Panthers might be that Civilian Security Force we talked about. God help us.

The Unseen One said...

At least we still have enough to filibuster the insane legislation that is sure to come. C'mon 2010!

NEO, SOC said...

Well, I think America just jumped off of the cliff!

Anonymous said...

Cute riddle, a shame that one got off and now will lead our country right into the ground.

shoprat said...

Just how to go about getting them on that Donkey so this can really happen?

WomanHonorThyself said...

we lost my friend.but.I won't give up the fight...just yet! :)

Average American said...

DD2, I haven't watched the TV or the computer since the results were obvious Tuesday night, so I missed that. I'll see if I can find it though.

L&OTeacher, the Civilian Security Force is probably the one most scary thing he dreamed up. I sure hope that even his fellow demoncraps will be smart enough to shoot that down! Thank God we actually have some rather conservative dems that might still side with us.

Unseen one, yes and thank God for that. That may be what enables us to survive until 2010.

NEO, yes, but we didn't hit the bottom, we're caught on a ledge halfway down. The trick is now to claw our way back up. I think we can do it.

Jennifer, he's always been a slippery bastard. Nothing seemed to stick to him, but shit will soon, he'll start getting the blame for being wrong. Remember, most of what he promised is beyond the power of the President, and the House and Senate still have to keep THEIR voters in mind. We can bet on seeing at least one more stimulus package, but the tax cuts will be another story. And just keep your eyes open for the inevitable job losses that he is sure to cause.

Shoprat, I guess we should have tied them on real tight so they wouldn't be able to get off. We'll know better next time.

Angel, nor will I. We'll almost uncertainly will back some seats in 2010, and more seats and the Oval office in 2012. I just hope that the damage isn't so bad that it is unrepairable.