Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nine Eleven seven years later

As we remember September 11, 2001, we should take the time to reflect on just what happened that day. Four United States aircraft crashed. Two buildings were completely destroyed and several others were damaged in New York. One building was extensively damaged in Washington. A field in Pennslyvania claimed the forth plane. Over three thousand innocent civilians died. Countless heros emerged. Americans everywhere cried.

It's seven years later and most people seem to have completely forgotten that horrific day. Pearl Harbor brings back more vivid memories, and that was over 60 years ago! What in Hell happened America? Where did all the anger, disgust, and outrage go? I'm still MAD AS HELL! Don't forget. Don't let go of your anger. Remember the feelings you had that day and don't let go of them!

What REALLY happened that day? Radical Islamic terrorists attacked us ON OUR OWN SOIL! This was not their first attack on us by any means, and it won't be the last. We have managed to contain the fighting away from our own soil, for now. We must let our military and our secret services do their jobs. If being rougher than some people like on prisoners gets information that saves just one American life, then I say "go for it!" If racial profiling nabs just one terrorist before he blows up another plane or bus or whatever, then I say "go for it!" If wire tapping our telephone calls catches just one terrorist plot to kill Americans, then I say "GO FOR IT!"

Americans, in fact, the world had better get used to "the war on terror." Anyone who thinks that when we're done in Iraq and Afghanistan, that the world will be free of terror---THINK AGAIN! They are just the beginning. I hope that my children or at least my grandchildren will see the end of terrorist reigns, but I know that I will not. How long have we been fighting cancer? That's what terrorism is, just one more form of cancer.


Beth said...

Good analogy, terrorism to cancer. Just as you wouldn't ignore a cancerous tumor growing, so, too we cannot ignore the growing threat of terrorism. Both can be fought and both can be overcome! Giving up means death!

MathewK said...

Well said Joe. We will not forget and we will remain by your side. God bless America.

Average American said...

Thanks Beth. I really do see terrorism as a cancer and, like all cancers, it must be removed. If even one cell(pun intended) is left alive, it will return. It must be completely eliminated.

MK, we Americans can not thank you Aussies enough. You have been one of our staunchest allies for generations. It saddens me to see liberalism grabbing hold of your country perhaps even tighter than mine. We have to stop the decline of both countries, indeed the world.

WomanHonorThyself said...

thank u for the comments and visit to WHT..plz dont be a stranger and keep up the noble fight!!

Average American said...

You are most welcome WHT. Your blog is very well written and interesting. Your post on the WTC attack was especially well-done!

The Griper said...

you know i did a small survey onm this issue. of the 25 liberal sites i visited only onme had anything on this and it was a personal memorial.

wonder just how many more neglected this day?

Average American said...

Hello Griper:

I would expect most liberals overlook this day. It interferes with their vision of the nice world we live in. A world where we can all get along just by talking and being nice to each other.

Many leftards I have read lately actually bemoan all the TV hoopla about it. They WANT to forget.