Friday, July 13, 2012

Enough about NOMObamacare

I have absolutely no doubt that a second term would in fact be much worse. If Mitt and the rest of the Republicans don't STOP talking about repealing NObamacare, our goose is cooked. Why do they continue to kick that dead horse? Unless the Republican party can 1. maintain a solid majority in the House, 2. win at least 60 Senate seats, and 3. win the Presidency, they can NOT repeal it, they can cause some damage yes, but not a complete repeal. By continuing to play politics with it, they are just looking foolish and turning off those much needed Independants. If Mitt really wants to win, he had better start talking specifics about job creation, not increasing taxes, and lowering the National Debt. Otherwise, we will see a second term for Bozo.


Z said...

AMerica will never recover from the kinds of things Obama's done the last four years PLUS another four years...he'll only get more reckless and untransparent if reelected.
yOu're right...Romney needs to ignore the horrible insults and lies of Obama and GET TALKING DETAILS!

dmarks said...

Good blog. And yes we elected a below-average American for President this last time.

Average American said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. PLEASE, between now and November, if everyone wanting to see Bozo go could talk just 1 undecided voter or someone who wasn't planning to vote, to vote Romney, we would win by a landslide! If only 1/4th of us did that, same scenerio. Give thm a ride if need be.