Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dreams from my father

As much as I detest Barack Hussein Osama, I couldn't believe what I just found. I wish I could bring myself to buy that disgusting piece of literary trash, but I would not want to put any of my money in his pocket. Read the excerpts I have here and follow this link to the rest of the story!

Anyone questioning why Obama attended Wright’s church needs to read Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams from my Father. It is a sickeningly racist book “in his own words”. His deep hatred toward whites is discussed in every chapter, and sometimes on every page in every chapter!

Sadly his white grandparent’s that raised him, are the one’s he discriminates against the most–The first two chapters in this book are heartbreaking and show a very cruel, self-important, self-centered, Obama, takes great lengths to tear apart every shred of dignity and character of his grandparents, even belittling his grandfather’s service in the war under Patton by saying “he sloshed around the mud in France” but never saw TRUE COMBAT!!! (Page 15 DREAMS); Obama belittles his grandmother working in a bomber assembly line calling her “Rosie the Riveter” (Page 15 Dreams)–

He ridicules his grandparents for the “world they were raised in…”That was the world in which my grandparents had been raised, the dab-smack, landlocked center of the country, a place where decency & endurance & the pioneer spirit were joined at the hip with conformity and suspicion & the potential for unblinking cruelty” where white trash “farm boys” who got sewn into their woolen underwear at the beginning of winter and STANK LIKE PIGS as the months wore on.” Page 13 DREAMS.

He goes on to describe what his grandparents must have looked like when they met, his grandfather looked like a “wop” and grandmother he desribes as a “dyed blond, smart talking girl w/too much red lipstick, cigarette smoker, etc. (Page 15 DREAMS. His grandfather wanting to escape the “empty, dust-ridden plains, where big plans means a job as a bank manager & entertainment means ice cream soda…”. Obama describes his grandparents BY LOOKING AT A PHOTOGRAPH OF THEM ON A BOOKSHELF THAT SPOKE “ELOQUENTLY OF THEIR ROOTS” (Page 12 DREAMS) . “Theirs were the faces of American Gothic, the WASP bloodline’s poorer cousins”

The saddest and cruelest part he leaves for his grandmother. In his speech tonight he says his grandmother once told him she was afraid of black men she passed on the street. In his book DREAMS, Page 88 he refers to this ONLY IT IS MUCH DIFFERENT THAN HOW HE DESCRIBED TONIGHT IN HIS SPEECH! He overhears his grandparents and walks in and asks his grandmother what is wrong. She says “a man asked me for money yesterday. While I was waiting for the bus.” Obama says “that’s all”. She says “her lips pursed with irritation. He was very aggressive, Barry. Very Aggressive. I gave him a dollar and he kept asking. If the bus hadn’t come, I think he might have hit me over the head” Next Obama walks into the other room where Gramps is at & tells him “it’s probably a little scary for her, seeing some big man block her way….” Apparently Obama left out some of the conversation w/his grandmother because he did not mention his grandmother said the man was “big” or that he “blocked” her way!!! ONE THING IS VERY CLEAR IN OBAMA’S BOOK DREAMS—HIS GRANDMOTHER NEVER SAID THE MAN WAS BLACK OR THAT THIS WAS THE REASON SHE WAS AFRAID!!! Obama says on Page 88 he learned the harrasser was black from his Grandfather–NOT GRANDMOTHER!!!

Now in my opinion there is a big difference between Obama saying tonight his grandmother told him she was afraid of “BLACK MEN SHE PASSED ON THE STREET” and the incident of one black man who was big and BLOCKED HER WAY SO SHE COULD NOT “PASS”. Apparently Obama thinks Americans are so stupid they won’t read his book or notice the “details” are a little different. On Page 89 he says men who “might easily have been my brothers could inspire their (his grandparents) rawest fears. Again, Obama writes as if his supposition of what people feel is fact!

This picture is from Bob Englehart. I think it depicts Obama's other book much more accurately.

I hope that Obama wins the democratic nomination so the republicans can beat the disgusting shit out of him between then and November! Even a lot of the liberals will have a hard time accepting this. I bet his Grandma now wishes she or her daughter had had an abortion.


Anonymous said...

Good job Joe.
Thanks for sharing

The Griper said...

very good, my friend. may be he forgot someone saying and i paraphrase here, "its a sad day that i feel safer in a white neighborhood than in a black one" and the speaker was not his white grandmother.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Very good work. I will attempt to read his book without buying it. I'm with you, I don't want to give money to him. I can't even imagine trashing my grandmother. She was someone who spoke German and English and tried her best to be a good American. She made herself assimilate to this country. She was my inspiration in my youth as someone I wanted to be like. My mother told me how hard it was for her to survive after my grandfather died at 47, after he worked himself to death trying to be a provider without a high school education. These people were great Americans. Unlike Obama I would never throw her under the bus to gain anything in the world. He is repugnant.

MathewK said...

"Sadly his white grandparent’s that raised him, are the one’s he discriminates against the most..."

Now you know why the liberals love him so much, it's in a leftie's nature to scorn and loath the hand that feeds. If he had scorned and loathed the hands that protect as well, lefties would be building a monument to him as we speak.

On a side note, apparently his book is doing quite well over in Eurabia. Shock/horror, those who don't like America take a liking to an American who also doesn't like America much.

Average American said...


Nice link you found there. If the French and German liked it, it HAS TO BE BAD for the USA!!

....French and German newspapers from across the political spectrum applauded Obama's address as a nuanced and honest attempt to tackle America's debate on race.....

dd2,griper,l&o teacher:

thanks for the laurels.


C.H. said...

Obama embraces the notion that the USA is the main problem in the world...and I think it would be a tragedy if someone who actually believes that were ever elected president.

Average American said...

Him president C.H.? Not on my watch, not on my watch. I hereby promise to do all I can to not let that happen.