Sunday, April 27, 2008

The rebates are coming

The rebates are coming. The first batch is being mailed out Monday. I brought this up in an older post, but I feel it is worth mentioning again. For those who are in a position to spend the cash, PLEASE remember that the idea is to jump-start the American economy, NOT China's! I know it isn't easy these days to buy American, but please try. Sorry Walmart, you won't be getting a dime from me!

I would hope that everyone reading this will help spread the word. With a lot of luck, maybe we can make a difference. It certainly won't hurt to try.

Friends, sorry my time is limited right now, I sped thru and read the blogs on my list, but didn't take the time to comment. I hope this insane schedule will be over soon, I'm getting beat! Till next time, aurevoire (or however you spell it!)


The Griper said...

mornin amigo,
we would not be helping China's economy by buying Wal-Mart. We'd be helping our own. the reason; China's economy was already dealt with when Wal-Mart bought their goods. Our economy is determined by the profits Wal-Mart has.

and people buy Wal-Mart because it means less money out of their pockets not because they want to aid China. they could care less where Wal-Mart buys their goods from. in other words people shop Wal-Mart because they can't afford to shop anywhere else.

and those that can afford to shop elsewheres already do.

Average American said...

I can only partially agree with you Griper. You have to "follow the money". Everything Americans buy from Walmart has to be replenished, so most of the selling price goes right back to China. The manufacturing jobs go there too. Only the profit stays here to cover the meager salaries of Walmarts employees and the rent, and a little profit for Sam and the shareholders. And so I repeat, not a dime of mine will end up at Walmart!

I don't blame people for shopping there, but I would point out that we Americans can't "have our cake and eat it too". If we want good paying manufacturing jobs here, then we (or someone) have to buy products made here! There is a lot of blame for lost jobs in America. Part goes to big greedy companies, part goes to an uncaring government, and part goes to the American consumer!

The Griper said...

profit is what drives an economy, not expenses. it doesn't matter where a business spends that dollar the value of that dollar returns in the form of goods. therefore that dollar remains here. it just takes on a different form of being.
you are presenting a socialistic argument not a free eterprise argument.

business evolves. it does not remain stagnant. and so does the nature of societies. and both are dependent upon knowlege. history proves this.

you can see this when you look at all the different countries of this world and the economic disparity among them. each country is of a different stage of business evolution.

our problem in this country is in the speed of that business evolution. and i'd say that since the 50's that speed has been breathtaking.

when you look back at history you can see the evolution of it.
first it was hunting. then hunting was replaced by farming. farming was replaced by manufacturing. now it is in the beginning stage of information which is replacing manufacturing.

where it evolves from there i have no idea just as i had no idea what this stage would be at an earlier age when manufacturing was the stage we was in.

you can't stop evolution regardless of what form it takes. and life must adapt to its changing environment if it is to survive. those that do adapt will profit from it. those who do not will die out. that is true of business evolution also.

now, that may appear to be a very cold hearted view of the world of business and the people effected by it but it is true.

and you know what? when i look at the unemployment rate of this country i'd say that the people have been adapting rether well.

look at computers. it has become a tool of necessity both in business and in the home.and it has become a "necessity" in the shortest amount of time than any other tool of necessity we have created.

as for the accusation of meager wages one thing must be considered. it isn't how much you make that counts but how well you manage what you have.

sports idols and movie stars are proof of this. look at how many were on top of the world during their hay day but are beggars today because they did not manage their money well.

we are a country of spenders not savers. and we have a government that encourages that attitude. this new rebate was meant to be spent not saved. the way we are taxed encourages spending because if you save you pay more taxes.

and our schools do not teach the kids good business habits. if you look, the focus of schools is always on how much you make and teaches you the ways to make money but it does not teach you how to manage that money once you get it.

i'd be willing to bet that 90% of the people in this country do not even know how to make up a good budget or even know how and what is involved when making up a budget. i know that every time i ask people about budgets they see it only in terms of an expense sheet. and i mean 100% of them so far.

so, when i hear people talking about how little they make or how little they have they get no sympathy from me.

the only difference between a rich man and a poor man is that a rich man invests his money and a poor man spends his. this rebate we are getting will prove that. how many will spend it and how many will invest it? also to use your theme of taxes, how many invested that tax savings of Bush's tax cut and how many just spent it?

Fallen' Angel said...

Well gentlemen, I can only speak for myself my and Dad on this one. Our rebates won't be going shopping at Wal-Mart or anywhere else. They will be making a tiny dent in the nearly $2000.00 worth of medications and medical tests that his insurance did not cover. Much as I would love to go out and stimulate the economy, it's a matter of first things first and *that* is taking care of my family. I'm grateful they're on the way because I have more important things to do than go buy a plasma TV with mine.

The Griper said...

payin bills is stimulating the economy. you're putting money back into circulation.