Thursday, November 6, 2008

Disabled American Veterans

Tuesday, November 11, 2008, is Veterans Day. What better day to remember all of our veterans, past and present, living and dead. What better day to especially remember our disabled veterans. I decided to write this post to see if maybe I could do more than I usually do on this special day, and that is to increase the impact of my normal contribution by getting people to join me in being as generous as you can.

I have special reasons to donate as much as I can several times a year, but especially at this time of the year. For those who have been following my blog for any length of time, it is not a secret that I am a very PROUD veteran of the Vietnam war. The reason I am proud of it has nothing to do with what I did, but rather because of gulf war vets from the current 2 wars, and the 1991 war and what they have done. Before 1991, I never even spoke of my own service. These newer vets made it possible for us Vietnam vets to again hold our heads high. I feel I owe them a debt of gratitude that goes even beyond what all Americans should feel they owe.

The Disabled American Veterans depends on our donations to make the lives of our disabled heroes better. It is the only reason for their existence. I donate as much as I can to this most worthy organization for two main reasons. First because of the good they do, and second, because, there "but for the grace of God, go I."

If you are a vet, if you are related to a vet, or if you know a vet, wouldn't you want to know that there is an organization out there that is helping them. You could have been disabled, or your related vet could have been disabled, or your friend could have been disabled. If you don't know any disabled vets, consider yourself lucky, but I'm still asking you to consider sending in your donation. ALL AMERICANS owe our disabled vets a lot more than we can ever hope to repay. At the very least, make your down payment on that bill!

This request is not coming from the Disabled American Veterans, nor has it been authorized by them, but I am sure they won't mind. I'd like to suggest you consider 1 days wages. That is probably less than 1/2 % of your yearly pay depending on how many days you work. A small sacrifice in the scheme of things. A much smaller sacrifice than they gave.

Snail mail can be sent to Disabled American Veterans---P.O. Box 14301---Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-0301, with checks made out to D.A.V., or you can donate on-line at

From this humble and thankful veteran, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for whatever you can do to help. Happy Veterans Day!



MathewK said...

Good on ya for doing this Joe, i'll head over to their website and see what i can send over.

Average American said...

MK, it's not a surprise that you my friend, an Australian, are first in line. Thank you so much for whatever you do with this, and also for what you have been saying in the blogging world. You and your country are true friends and the best of allies.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Australians kick ass. They have been the bravest of the brave in every war. Colonial wars are a bitch. I'll get on their site shortly. AA are you a member of Vietnam Veterans of America? If not, think about it. Good day, brother.

Average American said...

L&OTeacher, Thank you for what ever you decide to do for the DAV. I'll look into the Vietnam Veterans of America. To tell the truth, I've never heard of them. Yes, the Aussies are a brave bunch, a little crazy sometimes, but certainly good to have on your side. I met a few when I was over there, and they were great.