Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meet Misty

Meet Misty, my best friend. I just wish she didn't always plunk herself down in my favorite chair.


Beth said...

Very sweet, dogs are great to have around, always loyal, give unconditional love, who else can you say that about?

The Griper said...

howdy misty, so glad to meet you. thank you AA for the introduction.

Z said...

Your "best friend"...I love that! They sure ARE, aren't they...unconditional love like no person can give! Lucky you!
Give her a hug from Z!

Brooke said...

Just make like you're going to sit down where she is... She should move. ;)

Z-man said...

any cats?

MathewK said...

What a cutie. She wants to be close to you, that's why she's in your spot.

Average American said...

Beth and Z:

Unconditional love is rather rare outside of our animal friends. Close family and a very few special friends is about it. Z, I gave her a hug for you and she gave me kisses to throw back at you!


You're welcome! Misty says hi back.


I try, but she doesn't budge, and I'm to easy so she gets away with it. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.


I don't like cats but the wife has one. It's name is "stupid cat." That is the only thing I have ever called it in the 8 years I've supported it.


She loves to be right near or better yet on me. At night, she uses my legs for a pillow. In a queen size bed, the wife has half, Misty has over a quarter, and I have almost 5 square feet! Some nights, my stomach actually hangs out over the edge of the bed.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, she certainly is a cutie. I really love dogs, they never have mood swings and are always loyal!