Friday, March 13, 2009

Second Amendment argument

Thanks to L&O Teacher for this clip. Make sure you drop by and read his post on this fantastic argument FOR the 2nd amendment. Also, double click on it so you can read all the comments at YouTube. Here is the link to Law and Order Teacher

This shooting was on October 16, 1991 at a Ludy's Restaurant in Texas. 23 were killed and 20 wounded.

You never hear about this shooting on the news as it is the best reason for citizens to be able to protect themselves by having a gun. Only needed 1,2, or 3 people to shoot back to change everything.

This was the deadliest criminal massacre in US history for almost 16 years until Virginia Tech, and nobody knows about it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Joe, i saw that one a while ago. Heck of a lady isn't she, before i saw that i didn't think that people ought to be allowed to own an automatic weapon for example but not after i saw that.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the link, brother. The Second Amendment is the bulwark against the government. Fight the fight.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The assault weapons ban was a pander to gun controllers. We all knew it would have no effect other than making law abiding citizens that owned assault weapons criminals.
That being said, the only purpose of an assault weapon is to kill people. A guy that breaks into your house is just as dead if you shoot him with a shotgun, rifle or pistol. Or a bow and arrow which doesn't require a license and won't wake up the kids if you're a good shot. I would recommend the shotgun for most people. It's hard to miss.

Average American said...

MK, she certainly does tell a compelling story. I'm sure she changed quite a few minds already.

LOT, more than happy to give credit where it is due. This is the type of thing that the MSM will not touch, so of course, we bloggers have to pick up their slack, as usual!

Truth, a shotgun may well be the weapon of choice if you have ONE guy breaking into your house, BUT what if you live in Texas of New Mexico and you have a dozen drug cartel gang members coming at you? I think I might prefer an AK-47 or something more deadly than a double barreled shotgun. Possibly a grenade launcher and an M-60 would suffice. Also, self defense is one reason to be able to own firearms, but the other, and just as important, is why the amendment was written in the first place. If the Government gets tyrannical enough, the population has a right, AND a duty to change it. While I hope I never see the day that can't be accomplished at the voting booth, one never knows. THIS is where the 2nd amendment comes in handy and THIS is why we must defend it.

Texas Truth said...

The restaurant was "Luby's" and it was in Killeen, Texas. Do not inquire how I know...I just know! It is a very good reason to allow people to carry concealed weapons. The libs do not and never will get it. This country was founded on the belief of self-reliance and individual freedoms. If the freedom of defending one’s self and one’s family and providing for them the best one cannot be paramount in an individual’s life and said freedom cannot be guaranteed, then how free and the individual and their family be? Life and existence cannot be any simpler than that.

Law and Order Teacher said...

For those of us from the Vietnam era, how about an M-79 Grenade Launcher or an M-148? There is nothing like watching your ordnance fly to its target. As we used to say, "One turn and hell turned loose." Sweet.

Average American said...

Texas Truth, it's amazing that most people, including me had never heard of this before. I am a firm believer in the second amendment. I believe it to be one of the MOST important rights we have and I am NOT willing to watch it be lost.

LOT, gotta love the M-79. We carried one in all of our choppers. We didn't lift off without that baby hanging right next to me. I had completely forgotten how you could actually watch the grenade fly to it's target. Nice sight.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Take out the plug and you can get seven or eight shells in some shotguns. A good black bear load or something with some decent spread should take out two or three bad guys at once. You have to think of how most people will react to the situation AA. It's important they hit what they're able to hit what they're aiming at. A nervous twitch can be a good thing with the right shotgun.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Texas Truth, it's amazing that most people, including me had never heard of this before.

Strangely enough, I heard about this when I was in high school or college, watching one of those Donahue-type daytime shows where guests take questions from the audience after telling their stories. That lady was one of the guests. Can't even remember the program now, but the topic was on gun laws and self-defense, and the show either tilted in favor of less gun restrictions, or merely was presenting the unconventional, non-pc, non-liberal "other side" for ratings controversy.

Average American said...

Truth, so you are a bear hunter? I never would have guessed. A shotgun is a real good deterent, no question about it, and depending on the circumstances, might be my weapon of choice. I still want more than one choice though.

Wordsmith, she sure impresses me. What a strong performance she gave testifying in this clip. She had to have changed some minds!