Monday, September 14, 2009

9/12 Taxpayer Tea Party March on Washington, DC

Capital police are estimating 1.2 MILLION people joined in the 9/12 Tea Party in D.C. I've seen some numbers even higher. Let's hope that the politicians take notice, their pink slips are ready to be handed out! Some of them could still save their jobs, IF, they smarten up RIGHT NOW!

Don't miss the post below this one. It is well worth watching.


LL said...

The march was intended to demonstrate concern. The media didn't get it.

MK said...

"Let's hope that the politicians take notice...."

I hope so too, if not i hope people won't forget and will have their kick boots on come election time.

shoprat said...

They probably won't. Mr. Antoinette just doesn't get it and refuses to get it. He knows better than we do.

Z said...

HI, Average!
Some expert on crowds said "If you can see the whole mall full as far as your eyes take you, it's a million.."

Odd that the MILLION Man March, which didn't reach that number, had our media slobbering over it for the days leading up to, the event, and days after..discussing it in detail, remember?

The LA Tea Party didn't have ONE TV truck parked there..NOBODY covered it. 3000 people, with Wilshire Boulevard NONENDINGLY honking support (thumbs UP, not down as I'd expect for that are of LA) And, MANY more young people were there, I could have wept. (pix at my place, if you're interested)

The media's hiding everything that doesn't support THE ONE. And leftwingers are so proud of this new dishonest America they've created, aren't they.
Oh, my GOSH..I hear Obama's voice on TV again...DOES HE WORK?

Average American said...

LL, oh, the media got it all right, they just don't want anyone else to have the opportunity to see it. They are VERY afraid of us.

MK, I think we might have reached some of them this time and we will do our best to FIRE the ones that didn't.

Shoprat, I think even he is starting to see the light, he's just too stuborn to admit any defeat, at least not yet.

Z, it's real tough to estimate crowds as big as this one, ESPECIALLY when they are moving as in a parade. It seems the DC police said 1.2 million and I have no reason to doubt that is in the ballpark. It's the number I will be using I guess.

As for the media, I've written them off. I get ALL my news from Fox, my blogger friends, and various links I get from those blogs, which occassionally bring me to liberals and even the liberal msm. I refuse to let neilson count me for any of the enemies ratings so the tv NEVER gets tuned to those assholes!

WomanHonorThyself said...


Average American said...

Angel, I'm having a celebratory cocktail right now, how about you?

Mr Pink Eyes said...

We are being heard from! The politicians won't be laughing at us for long!

Average American said...

MPE, you have that right! Look at what is happening to ACORN and Van Jones, and the health care reform. They still won't actually admit it, but they are running scared. We must continue making them know we are AWAKE and we do NOT plan on letting up.