Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ayotte: President's Budget Sounds Like Groundhog Day

I'd like to introduce you, my friends, to the Junior Senator from the Great State of New Hampshire. God Bless her. A politician with common sense, how uncommon is that?!

Well, at least there can't be a record set this year on how few votes this abortion of a budget gets in the Senate. It's hard to foresee it getting less than ZERO, like it did last year!!


MathewK said...

Wow only 26 trillion, and it's described as a milestone, it's a wonder obama doesn't just aim for a 100 trillion dollar deficit and proclaim that utopia will arrive in 10 years with a straight face.

It's just crazy, absolutely crazy.

She said it well, but i have a feeling it's falling on deaf ears. I know obama and his gaggle of crazy democrat whackjobs are definitely not listening. They still firmly believe that you can spend your way to prosperity and have no shame whatsoever about saddling the next generation with debt.

By the way it's MK here, i've moved and set up shop here -

Z said...

MK's right..she's terrific and absolutely right, but it is falling on deaf ears; and she's right that we can't afford this expensive a campaign package. Obama's scared to death to tighten anybody's belts because he knows he couldn't finally completely ruin America if he doesn't get the four more years that'll seal that deal. How does any party which has poisoned our kids in schools to believe entitlements are rights finally tell them "No more freebies"? they can't, it's all been planned to make Americans believe the gravy train will never stop if you just 'VOTE DEMOCRAT"...
It's so breathtakingly scary sometimes I don't know how we're listening to all of this and carrying on. Americans have always been hopeful. The hope that Republicans can WIN by telling the truth and advising Americans to wise up and making big cuts is INSANE. OUr populace isn't used to suffering.
now what, AA??

Average American said...

MK, I'm glad you said who you were, I wouldn't have recognised you otherwise. how's blogger treating you so far? I'll go check it out in a few minutes. We have a Senator we can take pride in, that's for sure. She replaced Judd Gregg who was also a good one. Now we just need to get rid of the B@@@@ whose term isn't up until 2014.

Z, last time around, I was so sure he wouldn't ever win, that Americans weren't that stupid. Now I don't dare to jinx it again with my enthusiasm, but you can be sure that I am HOPING and PRAYING for a different outcome this time. Maybe the far right won't dare to sit this one out. I still grit my teeth when talking to some whom I believe did exactly that the last time. I blame them for this calamity, them and the morons that actually thought that NObama was going to buy them a new car and pay their rent and mortgages for them. How stupid can some people be??

MathewK said...

It's going good so far AA, the best part is that it actually works. :)