Saturday, November 1, 2008

My questions for the messiah

I don't remember where I first posted this, it was in the comment section of someone's blog. I should have posted it here earlier, but, better late than never. I left in the cusses because------well--------It's how I really feel. Sorry if it offends anyone.

NOBAMA has chewed my f---ing ear off with shit he wanted me to hear, but he has said NOTHING that answers the questions I have for him. I don't want lies about what he will do when he is president when his flimsy record proves he feels just the opposite. I don't want his promises, I want him to answer tough questions, AND I WANT THE PRESS TO ASK THOSE TOUGH QUESTIONS!!!!! We do it every four years. Why is this asshole so special? Why doesn't the MSM want to get to the truth?

1. Why don't you show your real birth certificate to squash the nasty rumors about you not being eligible for the presidency?
2. Why aren't you more forthcoming about your early childhood years attending muslim schools?
3. What were you doing in Pakistan with muslim friends in the early 80's?
4. How did you or your poor mother and grandparents manage to pay for all that fancy, high-cost schooling?
5. Where in the world did you get the cash to buy that house on your meager salary?
6. Why do you continue to shy away from your associations with that laundry list of scum you have been proved to chum with? After all, it's getting awful crowded under that bus.
7. Why do you run away from the term "redistribution of wealth"? You know that is the very core of your whole belief system!

And for the grand finale:

8. Just what are you claiming for experience these days that you think gives you the right to seek the highest office in the land??? You and your campaign slam Sarah Palin for not having experience to be VP, and yet you have even less experience and you want to be KING SHIT!! I DON"T THINK SO!

There are a LOT more questions we Americans would like truthful answers to, but these will do for a start.


Beth said...

I'm afraid we may find out the truth to some of these AFTER it's too late.

shoprat said...

I can just imagine his quivering when he faces the real Messiah for judgment.

TAO said...

Lets see, he just produced a birth, that makes him an American.

He attended a school in Indonesia for two was not a muslim school.

He has never been to Pakistan

He got scholarships and student loans

He bought the house after his first book...

By "scum" do you mean like the Keating five or lobbyists? Or are you referring to tax paying US citizens?

As far as redistrobution of wealth...well, any tax system that is not flat does redistribute the ask that question to George Bush.

I believe the Constitution only claims that one must be born in the USA and over 35 to be President....experience is not a qualification.

It seems that MOST, or at least a majority of the ones that vote, are quite happy with the answers Barack Obama has given...

Sarah Palin has no national experience...and you should really be asking your party why they did not hold back and develop her rather than rushing her to the forefront so soon....

The Griper said...

one more question he needs to answer AA.

why should we elect him to the highest office which gives him the highest of security clearance when he would be the lowest of the three if the fbi was vetting him for security clearance?

Anonymous said...

Great questions, AA!

[Sarah Palin has no national experience...] SHE IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, OBAMA IS!!!!!!!!

Sorry for shouting, but how many times do ya have to say it? Sheesh!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Come Wednesday morning, I believe there will be just a bit of a surprise awaiting the Obama Campaign.


Texas Truth said...

How in the world can anyone think that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will have the "cajonies" to do anything militarily? He has NEVER served in the military, NEVER had a private industry job, NEVER done anything remotely related to the responsibilities of a POTUS.
The "great unwashed masses" of the world may take the approach now that they support him. Of course they do. They KNOW he will be a weak leader, unable to accomplish anything except allow our great country to become a viable target for every "kook" or "despot" who wants to make a name for himself.
History will view his Presidency as a "joke." None of us will be alive to see it that view in the history books. However, that will be the view of many in the far future of the United States.

BB-Idaho said...

"History will view his Presidency as a "joke."'re talking Bush here, right?

Average American said...

Beth, I hope, and I think that it will be a moot point when McCain wins. The country should press the issues anyway just to make sure his political career is over!

Shoprat, I'd like to be the proverbial "fly on the wall" for that!

Tao, no he didn't. He came up with an after the fact certificate that is questionable at best. Yes, it WAS a Muslim school. He most certainly did visit Pakistan with two friends, one a former roommate, both were Muslims. Loans and scholarships---maybe. Bought his house on book proceeds, I don't think so, but it is possible. Scum---you know perfectly well the people I was referring to! Why Bush, did he institute our tax code? You are correct in that it is redistributive, but NObama would make it MUCH WORSE! The constitution does not require experience, but, THE ELECTORATE DAMN WELL SHOULD! Most voters happy with his answers, I don't think so. Most of the group you speak of only care that he is black or that he is democrat, or that he will put them on welfare, although he doesn't call it that. Sarah Palin is running for V.P. NObama has the "audacity" to be running for PRESIDENT with even less experience.

Griper, VERY TRUE! I forgot a point I made a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps one of the most important questions.

Jennifer, a most valid point, and it deserves to be SHOUTED OUT! You may shout all you want as far as I'm concerned, I do plenty shouting myself.

BZ, I believe you are 100% correct. NOBAMA NOway!

TT, I think the rest of the world will get the same shock as his campaign does when he loses. You are correct though, if he ended up being POTUS, many of our enemies would try to take advantage of his weakness. I consider him a joke, but unfortunately, it is a VERY BAD joke.

BB, President Bush is in no way my favorite President, however, he also is in no way a joke. America has had 7 years without a serious attack, unlike a lot of other countries. Maybe, just maybe, you could give President Bush at least some of the credit for that. I do!

MathewK said...

Good questions Joe, don't worry about them cuss words, you Americans had better get fired up, cos no matter which way you vote, the haters will still hate you, they'll still call you racists, they'll still envy you, they'll still try to take your guns and they'll never stop trying to drag you down the socialist toilet that everyone else has jumped head first into.

Pull no punches folks, cos the other side ain't.

TAO said...

You know, FDR did a fine job running the country during war and he had no military experience...

I love your quote from pretty much sums up my feelings about GWB!

Sadly, its going to be OBAMA by a landslide tomorrow and imagine, our first black, muslim, non native born, muslim school educated, socialist president...whew, this country sure has come along way! :)

The only compromise is that at worst, he can only be half as bad as GWB....

That is a great consolation prize isn't it....

Average American said...

MK, I'd say most Americans are fired up all right, for one side or the other. This is certainly a polarizing election. I just converted another 7 or 8 voters this evening. It's really amazing how little factual information people have. I live in a hunting paradise and many people here who hunt had no idea about NObama's gun control stance, until I informed them. Only the facts, I didn't have to exagerate at all. I personally checked NObama's voting record in Illinois and just those votes were enough. I'll be outside the polling station tomorrow, looking to convert another couple of dozen voters.

Tao, we'll know either tomorrow or Wednesday. I don't think a landslide, in fact I will not be surprised when McCain wins, you heard that right, wins. I never said I liked Bush. I don't think however, that he deserves all the blame. Congress spent every dime, not him. Congress enacted every law, not him. Congress has a much lower approval rating, for very good reason. The NObama campaign did an excellent job of crazy gluing McCain to Bush's coat tails, I'll give them that. Oh, one last thing, NObama would not be half as bad as Bush, he would be twice as bad as Bush----at least!