Friday, March 14, 2008

Herd Mentality

I cannot for the life of me figure out what Americans see in Obama. Are they really that duped by his constant use of the c-word? Can't they see that the "change" he would bring would be for the worst? Do people really think that being a little kid in Indonesia constitutes foreign policy experience? Or that judgement is an acceptable replacement for experience? Do people think that the hundreds of billions of dollars he's promised in new give-a-way programs will fall from the sky?

Do people really think that Obama sat for 20 years listening to that idiot minister Wright without picking up ANY ideas from him? Is it a good enough excuse to stay in that radical church just because he will be retiring soon? Is that minister Wright the reason Michelle Obama is wacked in some of the things she has said lately? Are we really 100% sure Obama is not muslim? His father was a muslim. The muslims believe that religion follows the father, and that once a muslim, always a muslim, punishable by death if you convert. Even if Obama considers himself a Christian, many Muslims consider him one of them. That makes him a target!!

When will the press finally start to grill Obama like they do every other politician that comes down the pike? Why has he had such a free ride for so long? Is it because he's black and they don't dare make waves? Poor John Edwards. Between the black man and the white woman, he didn't stand a chance!! Come to think of it, poor progressive democrats! What a choice they have. Be politically correct and vote for an African American or be politically correct and vote for a woman. I guess I'll stay unpolitically correct, or is it politically uncorrect, and vote for the white guy, John McCain!



C.H. said...

The way I see it, Obama's foreign policy views are what will prevent me from casting a ballot for him. I cannot cast a ballot for someone who is in favor of abandoning the people of Iraq as soon as he steps into the White House, or someone who is in favor of giving legitimacy to the Mullahs in Tehran. Now, I am all for foreign fact, at times it can be the best tool available. However, its useless if the person your talking with is not seeking peace, and Iran and Syria fall into that category.

C.H. said...

At the same time, I'd also like to add that attacking Obama over his religion and whether or not he could be a Muslim is irrelevant and should not even be a factor in deciding to give him your vote or not.

Instead, we should focus on his policy beliefs and whether or not he has what it takes to be the leader of the USA in an increasingly dangerous world.

Average American said...


You are correct in both comments. I have many reasons for not voting for him. I guess I was eloquintly-challenged in the part about him being a Muslim. I do not believe that he is. The point I was trying to make is that extremist Muslims think he is, and that does, in fact, make him their target.

As far as I'm concerned, he did not do a very good job, in fact a terrible job of denouncing his reverend friend Wright. That coupled with the unamerican remarks his wife spewed recently SERIOUSLY undermines his Patiotism in my eyes and should be a concern to anyone even thinking about voting for him.

The Griper said...

average american,

just a little question;
"I guess I'll stay unpolitically correct, or is it politically uncorrect, and vote for the white guy, John McCain"

being unpolitically correct or being politically uncorrect tells me what you are not. what are you then?

btw, welcome to the world of blogging. i've always seen it as a means for the "silent majority" of individuals to yell his head off. the next thing is whether he is yelling out in the wilderness or on a crowded street corner and time will only tell you that. whether it be one or the other i hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us. lol

The Griper said...

oh,,might also think about monitoring the comments. i do it so that i might know when a new comment comes in and respectfully respond to it.

The Griper said...


upon reading the post over again i find his use of religion very relevant in this case. though he did not point it out clearly i see it as a concern of the possibility of assassination. and that is a legitimate concern. and that in my opinion, makes it relevant. if not of him but in who he might choose as vp who would succeed him.

Average American said...

Hello Griper. Welcome and thanks for dropping by. A am not a "politically correct" person, I don't follow the crowds and I "call em like I see em". Simple really.

Yes, so far I am having fun blogging. It's a way to vent frustrations about where this country is heading. The 2 major political parties are so far apart and at the same time so close together, it makes me want to puke. No wonder nothing constructive gets accomplished. They are so busy trying to get reelected that all they do well is fight! I find myself on the outside looking in. As far as I'm concerned, neither party is looking out for my best interests or the interests of "Average Americans". I guess one could say that this is my major "Gripe".

Your 3rd comment is correct. Obama, though not his fault, would be a major headache for the secret service. Not just from Muslims either. Skin-heads and KKK are still alive and well in our glorious U.S. of A. The risk is always there for a sitting president but it would be compounded with Obama.

The Griper said...

average american,

what ya trying to do, swell my head so big so my hat won't fit anymore? lolol.

well it is good to see you're enjoying blogging and yes it is a way to vent as you say or gripe as i say. lol

as for polititians getting reelected, i agree. power is an addiction and one i do not believe the founding fathers took into consideration. and there is no greater power than the power to rule over people. that is probably why you see so many rich people holding office.

as to the answer you gave to my question, all you did was repeat yourself and that is no answer.

you could ask me what i am ?
i could very well respond by saying "i am not a woman" that would be true but it tells you what i am not not what i am. the correct answer would be, "i am a man. see the difference?

Average American said...

I am a man.

MathewK said...

It is the 'c' word, change, it's because he talks about 'change', the change that you don't necessarily have to pay for. Like most liberal policies, the guy who pays for the change is seldom the one who'll benefit from it. So why would the ones benefiting not want that change.

Besides most people just want to hear about change, they don't really want anything to change, because real change means sacrifice and doing without. We are now in the stage of 'what the state can do for me'. A stage very difficult to wean ourselves off from.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Joe, And when it come to the Obama's Pastor thing, You hit the nail right on the head...My sentiments exactly.
Obviously this crap-ola about his not being there when this all happened is not true

Anonymous said...

Good post Joe! I saw your post at DD2's and decided to investigate. I agree with you completely. He is a total fraud and yet democrats are so "politically correct" that they can't accept him for what he is.

I also have to disagree with c.h. when he says that religion should have nothing to do with him getting elected or not. Religion has a lot to do with it. It is what he bases his judgements and morals upon. It is what is ingrained in his character. His values, beliefs, and integrity are based mostly on religion.

I am a Christian and my church is where I learned about who I am, what I believe, and what I stand for. If that church preaches hate and black supremecy, that is what I would learn, trust, believe and incorporate into my daily life. Wasn't Huckabee judged mostly on being a stout Baptist? Why should Obama be any different?

Great blog! Keep up the good work!! I'll definitely be stopping by again.