Tuesday, August 11, 2009

W. W. A. A. D. #3 Healthcare Reform

One thing we have to correct----the White House and the Democrats in Congress are putting out the misleading information that conservatives don't want any health care reforms. THIS IS NOT TRUE! We just don't want THEIR idea of reform. We see no need to use a damned Machete when a scalpel would do the job just fine. I have decided that the Average American should tackle this high priority problem next.

I found the picture/chart above in a CNN article today. You can find it here. It is a very informative article and although I didn't print any of it here, I recommend you go read it. Many of the points I will make are common sense solutions to the problems pointed out in this article. I have other points beyond what they covered.

About one third of the uninsured people in America are NOT supposed to be here. Send them HOME and a big chunk of the problem goes with them. DO SOMETHING (to be read DEPORT THEM) about the 15 to 20 million illegals/criminals (at least) that continue to burden down our health care system, our educational system, and many of other our systems. I would have been working on this since DAY ONE!! A one way bus ticket out of here is a lot cheaper than letting them stay.

One of my highest priorities would be to get torte reform passed. Ridiculous malpractice insurance premiums cause doctors to perform way to many extra tests and procedures. What a terrible, and controllable waste that is. Another problem causing extra tests and procedures is doctors trying to pad their bills when these things are not medically necessary. When caught doing this, they should face stiff fines AND restitution.

Anyone who has ever had to fill out the paper work involved in a visit to the hospital or the doctor's office knows how much bull that is. Imagine how much it costs the hospital or doctor. I would push for a set of standardized forms and make it worthwhile for the insurance industry to use them. Make it mandatory only if necessary. These companies want to save money too, and so I don't think you would have to twist their arms. A no-brainer. Make these forms computer and human friendly. A provider's computer should be able to fill out most information for repeat visitors and humans would only have to verify that the information was still accurate. It should not take an hour to check in at the hospital before anything else gets done.

We NEED more doctors (especially primary care) and nurses. I would look into a program where potential doctors could get government help with their medical schooling. On a voluntary basis, the loan could be forgiven or partially forgiven in exchange for services rendered to such things as free or low income medical clinics and under served areas of the country. Living up here in the rural part of New Hampshire, I know what a problem the lack of doctors is. I have good insurance, but I DO NOT have a family doctor! Unbelievable, but true! Just not enough money up here to attract them.

You can not legislate following the doctors orders. That is best tackled with education. Things like "take all the medicine", or "stay off your feet for a week", or, "don't take these pills on an empty stomach" may not sound important enough to worry about but they contribute to many more health relapses. The medical community and the government might collaborate to better inform the public, especially on the most common offenses.

Use best practices to cut WAY down on people contacting infections in hospitals. There is absolutely NO NEED for that kind of bullshit. Save a ton of cash by keeping them cleaner and sterilized. Here again an education program aimed at hospital staff is called for. Hey Doc, WASH your hands! Cleaning lady, disinfect the bathroom fixtures and the door knob. Nurse, take the day off when you have a cold or the flu. Shit like this costs us billions!

I would ensure that "end of life" information is READILY available, BUT consultations would NOT be mandatory!!!

The so-called "public option" is a REAL BAD idea. It is being sold as not using tax money to survive. Does the government have ANY successful programs that don't get taxpayer money?? NO THEY DO NOT!! It would go bankrupt very quickly and the government would end up bailing it out because it would be "to big to fail". Bullshit!

I actually do agree with a few points of NObama's scheme. Insurance companies get ready for this. You will be required to provide coverage for preexisting conditions. You will be required to provide coverage for preventative care. You will NOT be able to drop coverage because a customer gets sick, or old.

My fingers are tired from typing and I need to rest my weary mind. I caught that sickening town hall meeting that the messiah just had in Portsmouth. That audience was at least 95% planted. More on that crap later. I need a White Russian.

And last, they BETTER start listening to our voices. WE ARE THEIR BOSSES, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!!!

UPDATE: Here's part of the article to avoid some confusion:

More than $1.2 trillion spent on health care each year is a waste of money. Members of the medical community identify the leading causes.

Down the drain: $1.2 trillion.

That's half of the $2.2 trillion the United States spends on health care each year, according to the most recent data from accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute.

What counts as waste? The report identified 16 different areas in which health care dollars are squandered. But in talking to doctors, nurses, hospital groups and patient advocacy groups, six areas totaling nearly $500 billion stood out as issues to be dealt with in the health care reform debate.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Hey, I'm all for reform of America's health care system. It's just that (a) I want the entire process to slow down so there can be thoughful study and dialogue, (b) I want to be part of the solution and (c) I don't want to be called a Nazi or a Klanner for speaking out about it.

Z said...

I saw we could save $2.2 trillion with 6 pretty easy changes, Average!
I blogged on it..washing hands better was one way, but Obama wants to spend millions on infection spreading FIRST.

any sane American would understand that there IS NO HURRY. That is what townhall people from both sides, so angry, should be asking...FIRST. WHAT IS THE HURRY? Let them dance around that one.

Average American said...

PCC, I hear you on all 3 counts. I was going to add an update that I would NOT try railroading this through, and in fact, not likely all in the same bill.

He talks about a bipartisen bill but that doesn't mean 1 party puts the whole thing together using only their ideas and then tries to get a handful or RINOs to sign on. It means BOTH parties work together, BOTH having input and come to a mutually acceptable compromise bill. Show me any parts of that piece of shit that was authored by a true Republican!! NONE.

Average American said...

Z, I just missed you. We must have been typing at the same time. Actually, the 6 listed changes amount to arould 1/2 trillion dollars, but there are a lot more things that would help, including the illegals which was not part of that article. The $2,2 trillion is the COST of health care in America today.

Chuck said...

One of my big peeves is eliminating illegals. I heard Obama use the 47 million uninsured figure again last night. I remember thinking, maybe he's not really being missleading, maybe he intends to cover them.

christian soldier said...

I want our military wounded to be treated excellently --by health care funded by us in the US--
I do not want the government of us in the US to meddle in my or my family's care...
AA-If you tell me that the BUCK-FAMA poster is not new --I'll have to start reading your blog w/ glasses!!!---I REALLY like it and LOL...

MathewK said...

All fine ideas Joe, but i'm sure they won't care, because the real objective is not better healthcare, the real objective is control and erosion of your liberties.

Fight them on that and their wretched socialism will fail.

Average American said...

Chuck, I think he certainly DOES intend to cover them. Here is the wording from page 50 and 51 or HR 3200 that makes me think so:


(a) IN GENERAL.—Except as otherwise explicitly permitted by this Act and by subsequent regulations consistent with this Act, all health care and related services (including insurance coverage and public health activities) covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to personal characteristics extraneous to the provision of high quality health care or related services.

Carol, your vision is OK. That BUCK OFAMA bumper sticker is a new addition recently stolen from Woman Honor Thyself. Angel had a whole post of good pics to shop from.

MK, you are correct in what their objective is, but I hold onto the belief that we may be able to convert enough of them to block the most insidious parts of this bullshit bill. Wish us luck pal, we need all we can get!

shoprat said...

It needs to be reformed but not the way that idiot in the White House wants to do it.

shoprat said...

Tort reform is indeed a must to control costs.

Our laws and charity often handle routine and emergency care so that doesn't have to be on the bill either. If we limit the discussion to catastrophic care and chronic health problems it might become manageable.

Z-man said...

My big bone to pick the overtesting ($210B). Went to the doctor almost two years ago because I wanted a cyst removed from my neck. OK he found out I have high-blood pressure so far so good so he sent me to another place for a heart echo. Oh yeah before this he had the nurse do an EKG so he gets the heart echo back and makes an appointment for me to get some kidney echo too. Went and done that and he wanted to do a repeat of the kidney echo but I said no. Now when I first saw him those two years ago he had some bloodwork done, that's cool but then a few months later more bloodwork to see something about the blood-pressure medication and the last time I went back more blood work, a third time! oh yeah another EKG was done and I do distinctly remember somewhere in the middle of all this he stuck his finger up my ass. OK I'm 45 so I'm hip but all this over a cyst on my neck? AND I'm still going back and I'm thinking the time will come for a little more rectal action. HOW do I break free of this guy? far as I know I ain't dyin'

Average American said...

Shoprat, true, they actually have a few good points in their bill, but there is a lot more than half that I detest. Why do both of these parties think they have to have these grandious plans to fix shit when a little tweek here and there is what is needed? The Republicans do the same thing when they have all the power. I think torte reform and illegal aliens should be THE HIGHEST PRIORITIES. Every thing after that is chump change in comparison.

Z-Man, your story is a prime example why we need torte reform and we need to squeeze the shit out of docs who are just trying to inflate the bill. Both things are a disgusting waste of money.

Z-man said...

You know with my doc I started to think there was maybe something seriously wrong with me since he kept ordering these serious tests. I'm being polite but getting annoyed. We've talked about tort reform for years, Newt got alot of it going but that's all it is is talk and it sure as hell ain't gonna happen with the Democrats in power the trial lawyers being such an important part of their base.

Anonymous said...

Damn AA, where have I been that I missed this post! You have terrific ideas that, get this....use a COMMON SENSE APPROACH! Obama's bill is so jammed pack with crap that if they only fixed what was broken, would solve the problems without all the special interests and government control that goes along with it! I'm linking to this post if you don't mind!!

Average American said...

Z-Man, sounds like your Doc wants to make as much as he can, probably from as few people as he can. This would in turn free up more time for his golf game. Or it could be so you can't sue him for missing something. Either way, it's a huge waste of cash.

Jenn, it's just to bad that common sense is so damned uncommon these days, especially in D.C. He's trying to ram this and a whole lot of other shit right down our throats and I don't like swallowing crap sandwiches without chewing on them for a while, you know, to see how they are. You are more than welcome to link, borrow, or just plain steal anything here that you like. I would be honored.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I am not against healthcare reform either, but what I am against is the government taking over healthcare.
I think that you are starting in the right place when you write about tort reform. That is where all talk of reform should begin. People suing for outrageous notions drives up the cost of medical care for everybody.Any reform talk to start without addressing tort reform should be abandoned as a waste of time.

ImAlwaysRight said...

Just another thorn in their behinds...But the left will spin this into another lie.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great piece Joe..but shhh..no one wants truth..Heh I'm bacccccccccccck! ;)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Facts are stubborn things, eh? When will you stop trying to convince people with facts and just give in to the emotions of the situation. Have you now feelings, man? Good post.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Should be "no feelings."

Average American said...

MPE, I think, as you say, there can be no reform unless torte heads the list. That is the only way it stands a chance of ever being addressed. Since illegals are a very hot button to me, I definitely want to see that problem attacked also. That issue effects health care, education, and a host of other important problems. They can't keep burying it under the rug!

I'mAlwaysRight, they can spin all they want to, I think their frigging "chickens have come home to roost!" They are going to pay dearly for their extreme arrogance next year at the polls.

Angel, thank you. They may not want the truth, but I don't really give a shit what they want or don't want. I hope your mini-vaca was a blast for you!

LOT....When will you stop trying to convince people with facts and just give in to the emotions of the situation....

AAAAH, When Hell freezes over!

Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky said...

I was at a townhall meeting and a woman urged the senator to stop illegal immigration, to which some batty lady behind me screamed, "RAACCIISSTT!"


Tort reform for sure. I'm tired of people saying doctors are greedy giving them all these superfluous tests when really they are just trying to cover their asses for when some idiot comes at them with a frivolous malpractice suit.

Everyone opposed to Obamacare that I have seen, heard, and talked to is not against reform. In fact all of them seem to think reform is necessary! As I do. The left seems to think that since we don't want their reform, we don't want any reform and to let the healthcare problems that DO exist, continue to keep people from getting the care they need.


Anonymous said...

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