Sunday, April 5, 2009

We The People Stimulus Package

This is a MUST-SEE! He took every word right out of my mouth!


The Gray Headed Brother said...

There’s a lot to feel good about when it comes to the election of Barack Obama.

I ask you to support Obama. And if you can’t find it in your heart or head to give support, at least give him a chance. Sit back for a couple years, don't be a Cynical Sally, and observe what Obama does. If you happen to agree with him, don’t be beyond admitting you were wrong.

I’m clearly an Obama supporter, and I have been since the beginning of the election.

WomanHonorThyself said...

good Lawd can Hussein get away with this horror!!! ARG!

Brooke said...

Like lefties gave Bush a chance? LOL!


Great video. What more could be said?

Average American said...

GHB, you seem to have undergone a serious attitude adjustment since your last visit, and I applaud you for that. Sorry, I cannot support the ideology of our current President, however, I do recognize when he does something right. His actions thusfar in regards to Iraq and Afghanistan are reasonably close to what I wanted to see. I won't be sitting back for a couple of years, our country can hardly afford 2 years worth of mistakes. We will have him for 4 years, but hopefully we WON'T have a Democratically controlled Senate after the next elections. Spending levels like we have seen under Bush, and ESPECIALLY now under him are NOT sustainable and HAVE to stop.

Angel, he will get away with as much as we the American people let him get away with. EVERYONE who is against this insanity HAS to let their elected officials know! Believe me, my Senators and Congressmen know my e-mail address by heart, or at least they should. That's how much I have written them.

Brooke, like I just told Angel, we HAVE to make noise! We HAVE to get everyone behind it. We HAVE to take back the Senate in 2010! And lastly, YES that is a GREAT video!

Anonymous said...

Protest protest protest............They can't ignore us forever......... People and i include the libtards in this one are finally seeing what B HUSSEIN O is, a farce, he thinks he is a rockstar with no credentials. The sleeping Giant has awoke, and America is going to fight back and take this fuck out of office.

shoprat said...

I won't give a socialist a chance for the same reasons I won't give a Nazi, fascist, Klansman, or Neo-feudalist of any sort a chance.

Obama can totally destroy this country in two years and his programs are a route to destruction. I quietly tolerated Clinton and he did reasonably well, but Obama is no Clinton.

Average American said...

Coppurr, He won't have a second term, that is just about a given at this point. Buyers remorse is alive and well! People are starting to see through that empty suit!

Shoprat, the Clinton years were actually pretty good, but unlike the leftards, I give the credit to the REPUBLICAN Senate and House! I don't like to see one party have the Senate, the House, AND the Presidency as we are enduring now. This is never a good thing for America, no matter which party has all three.