Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin versus Biden--Who won?

If you can believe the MSM political pundits, and we know we can't, then Biden won but Palin did better than expected. Even Republican strategist types have been calling it for Biden. I guess they watched a different debate that I did. Oh well, to each his own. One thing I can say though is that Gwenn Ifill did as I had predicted, she did well. If I hadn't already known that she had a book about to come out and hadn't known that she was strongly biased toward NOBAMA, I would not have guessed it by how she handled the debate. I was also impressed by the civility of all three participants of the affair.

I don't really give two shits what the MSM says or thinks about who won! It doesn't matter. We know who won but that doesn't matter either. What matters is just what the rest of the 70,000,000 viewers thought about the whole thing. I think that MOST of them, the undecided Americans from all across this great land of ours saw a remarkably lovable person in Sarah Palin that they would have no problem voting for. I think the McCain/Palin ticket just got revitalized. I think that polls in the coming days are going to prove that the MSM pundits are WRONG about who won. I think that 70,000,000 viewers are going to catch those same pundits in this lie. I think that McCain/Palin will win in November. I have always thought this.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Anyone who is able to think for themselves without the aid of Lib-spin knows who won. Sarah came off as authentic and Joe came off as a D.C. wonk. No contest.

Anonymous said...

Palin won hands down
Palin showed she could stand toe to toe with Joe Biden, a man who has been in the Senate since I was a kid. Biden is the problem and has never ventured from his hard left positions. Palin comes across as fresh, hopeful and future looking. Biden is the sad past.

Now, we are about to spend billions to bail out the irresponsible - who largely vote democrat.

This is the largest transfer of wealth in history from the responsible to the irresponsible.

Average American said...

PCC, I have to laugh every time I here that name, D.C. Wonk. It sounds like a rap band, and I hate them too.

Conservative, The Demoncraps sure did pull a fast one, getting the Republicans to help share the blame on this whole bailout fiasco. I can't figure out why Bush and McCain pushed it so hard. The dems created this mess with their give every lowlife and poor person a home loan they couldn't afford. Nice going idiots, sell the suckers on the American dream and then watch that dream go down the toilet. Damn Carter and his Community Revitalization Act. And Damn NOBAMA for pushing people into it. He and his law firm sued Citibank because they weren't giving out enough bad loans, and now he and Barney Frank and that WITCH Pelosi blame the r
Republicans for the mess. What gall!!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I hope you're right, and viewing independents think for themselves and ignore the talking head elitists who only want to talk of her as "folksy", "avoiding questions", and inexperienced (while ignoring Obama's own lack of it).

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree that Sarah was on her game. The MSM is out of touch with those of us in "Flyover Country." I'll never forget the story of the NY writer who was absolutely stunned by the outcome of the 72 election. She stated didn't know a single person who voted for Nixon. Priceless.

C.H. said...

Palin is aware that foreign policy is a weak point for her, so she knows to be careful when approaching it. However, Biden is supposed to be an "expert" on foreign policy...he went into a monologue about how we had "kicked Hezbollah out of Southern Lebanon" in the 1980's. What was he talking about? Hezbollah maintains an ironclad grip on southern Lebanono to this day.

Not to mention, how can anyone call themselves an interventionist, as Biden does, when saying that we were right to intervene in Bosnia but not in Iraq. THe human suffering created by Saddam Hussein far outstripped anything happening in the Balkans in the 90's.

Z said...

Seems to me that people are just a little disappointed Sarah didn't come back to Biden when he did lie, mischaracterize, etc. He was probably counting on her not having ALL the info. How could she?

Thing is, nobody's mentioned what my husband and I thought....Ifill didn't always give her the chances to rebut that she gave Biden. At one point, Ifill had a new question BUT Said "Sen can respond to me or you can go back to Afghanistan" because Palin had made a comment about him and Afghanistan. That was stunning... Palin didn't get a chance.

Average American said...

Wordsmith, I find that a lot of independents often times are more concerned with the personalities. They definitely care about the issues, but not to the extent that the left or right does. That is why I predict a good solid bounce from this debate.

L&O Teacher, The media is especially out of touch this time around. They are as screwed up as they were on Florida back in 2000. I know the AOL straw poll is deemed less acurate than all the other so-called scientific polls, but it still shows McCain/Palin way ahead(60+%). A person can only vote once in it because you have to sign in now, unlike the real vote going on in Ohio right now. You need a computer to get access which lets out one of NOBAMA's main bases, the poor, but he also has the younger generation and they ALL have computers. Maybe it's a wash.

C.H., You and I both know Biden is a wonk. Palin is one smart cookie. She will be careful to avoid the pitfalls now that she has a little "experience" dealing with the MSM. Biden's Hezbollah gaffe was a beaut wasn't it? Good for a deep belly laugh.

Z, She didn't get a chance to rebuke everything he said, but then again, neither did he. A good example was when TWICE she pointed out that NOBAMA wants to increase spending by $1,000,000,000 (TRILLION). She brought that up TWICE and he didn't say boo about it! A have to disagree about Ifill, I think she did a very good job, especially knowing her true feelings. Someone must have read her the riot act before the debate.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I think that MOST of them, the undecided Americans from all across this great land of ours saw a remarkably lovable person in Sarah Palin that they would have no problem voting for. ..amen bro!!!

MathewK said...

I sure hope so Joe, from what i head the MSM gave it to Biden, None the less they also said that Palin didn't do as bad, as they were hoping is what i'm guessing.
Either way i'm not all that concerned. Concerned for McCain yes, but not so much for her. I think Palin is going places and debates like this are just battle-hardening for her.

From what little i saw of it, she held her ground against the 'far-more experienced at this sort of pit-fight' Biden, which is more than could be expected of her. She is definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future and we'll need leaders like her, i think.

Anonymous said...

These libs and feminists and others who refuse to recognize this woman who has climbed the political ladder on her own and succeeded on her own and fought the political establishment, and who has stood up and said what has to be said and won everything she has on her own. What a bunch of elitist hypocrites they are, using the very slurs they have against with regard to women who meet their elitist qualifications to dishonor a woman who has met every challenge with a win. Their stupid and childish jokes and SNL skits won't convince anyone who has a IQ above 3rd grade level anything but how low they have stooped.

Average American said...

Angel, I don't really have any idea how many undecided voters she may have swayed to our side, but with 70 million viewers, I can't believe it wasn't AT LEAST 1 million! It could well be a LOT more.

MK, of course the M(messiah's)S(slaughter)M(machine)gave it to Biden. "The One" would be upset if they didn't. Sarah Palin certainly is going places. She will end up being President in 2012. The best path is by getting 4 years of real experience as VP first. The unthinkable path would be to clean up the disastrous mess left by 4 years of NOBAMA/Biden! American AND the world CANNOT afford that path!

DD2, the left is being so very much harder on her then any other politician in history. There is a very good reason for this and it's not because it is warranted, it's because THEY ARE AFRAID TO DEATH OF HER!! They know that if she gets to be the VP this time around, she will have 12 years to undo a lot of what the demoncraps have done wrong in our great country. It sure would kill them to see their social programs slashed, their majorities in Congress lost, and people actually having to do for themselves what Uncle Sam has been doing for them. No more being taken care of by the government. Gee, the third generation welfare cases might actually have to get a friggin job! Oh, what a shame.

shoprat said...

You can't trust their judgment after all, they still think Gore won in 2000.

Average American said...

Shoprat, he didn't?

Man, I'm in a great mood tonight, I can even poke fun at stuff as serious as stupid demoncraps. You're right though, they still think the inventor of the internet won.