Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fast Forward to the Winter of 2017

I was wandering around the blogoshpere and stumbled upon this great little gem I just couldn't resist borrowing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fast Forward to the Winter of 2017

President John McCain, after having served two terms is about to give his farewell address. The eighty year old President wakes up on this January morning and wants to forget all that comes with being President, he wants to forget the daily breakfast meetings with the CIA director, he forgets all the phone calls he had to make to world leaders on a daily basis, he forgets about the hundreds of hours he spent on board Air Force One and remembers with a smile a comment he made at a town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire some nine years ago.

The comment in question has to do with US involvement in Iraq for "100 years..."

The past eight years were certainly more about global terrorism than they were about abortion, school vouchers, Mexican immigration or conservative judges. Iraq has been a powerful partner in battling this global threat. In the past eight years, the US has found in Iraq an ally that is more useful than Israel, more resourceful than Turkey, far more democratic than the now-fragile Arab dictatorships.

The war is far from over, much of the Muslim world is in a clash between fundamentalism and democracy, but one thing is certain, America's partnership with Iraq will outlive all those who mocked the then Senator from Arizona and now outgoing US President John McCain.

On another note, Google has just bought the New York Times to, well destroy it, claiming that paper (especially useless NYTimes editorials) are now obsolete.

Posted by Vahal Abdulrahman

Vahal, an American Iraqi, is new to blogging, as am I. His few posts intrigue me. Check him out for yourself!

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C.H. said...

Now that is something I pray will become reality.

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