Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please vote in my poll (to your right) before you leave and tell others to drop by and vote also. Thank you.

I think I know what the results will be. For a guy always crying foul over racism, he's the only one that gained from it. I hope I'm not viewed racist because I posted this poll, I want to show that there really is racism involved in the Presidental elections this year. We saw it big time in the primaries, and I know we will see it in the general election also. What I want to point out is that it is not just white Americans involved. In fact, I think a lot of "PC" whites are participating in some REVERSE discrimination. I think NOBAMA ought to keep his piehole shut on that whole subject. Race card my ass!


MK said...

Done, my response, No friggin way!

For that matter he wouldn't even have run in it.

"I think a lot of "PC" whites are participating in some REVERSE discrimination."

Spot on, it's a bit of get square for past ills, how else will the racists of yesterday wash away the guilt.

If you really look at the results of many leftist policies around the world, they are the real racists.

Brooke said...

Second that, MK!

Anonymous said...

Here's what I thought of the debate...while I thought alot of it was boring and some major issues that people want to hear were not covered...I was disappointed. But looking at the candidates themselves...I thought Obama did good in the beginning and McCain did better in the end when he got to talking about foreign policy...something he seems comfortable with, unlike Obama. The problem...we already heard the foreign policy debate in the first debate! Yeah, they talked about the healthcare thing...still, I am not impressed with either's plan.
I dunno...I'll still vote for McCain because I do think he's a good man and who means his word. And he will be good for our country. I have looked at his voting record and while I do not totally agree with him 100%, I do agree with him on many issues. Obama...I want him out...I do not want to see him as our next president...tho sadly, I think it will happen. I wish we would have a strong independent come out...I'd love to see a debate that includes the independents...but that will probably never the debate would probably last 4 hours too. So McCain it is for me...I think he cares about our nation like alot of us do here. I think that he wants to do right by americans, unlike Obama who seems to be using his 173 day senator status as just a stepping stone to get to the presidency. I think he has his own hidden agenda...I want no part of Obama at all.Will Conservatives Help Obama Win?
Die-hard conservatives are in a quandary over whether to support the lesser of two evils (McCain) or to sit back and watch Obama bag himself a RINO (Republican in Name Only).Conservatives that sit out the election, will only help Obama win.

shoprat said...

He's treating his race like an impenetrable shield of Teflon. Let's hope it breaks in time.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

You hear it everyday "it's just because I'm black" I have heard that for the last 30 years and I am just sick of it. One of the main reason I left the Air force after only 21 years was the race thing. I really think it has the reverse effect most of the time.

Average American said...

Thank you all for dropping by and taking the time to vote. I hear you Shoprat and Old Soldier. Out of the 20 or 30 people who started running for President, he is THE ONLY ONE that benefitted by his skin color. Hillary Clinton would be the Demoncrap's nominee if he were white. So when he cries about racism in this campaign, I'd like to smack him right on the side of his head!

I might be headed for divorce if Hillary had won because my wife would be voting for her. This is the FIRST Republican she will be voting for, and she voted for McCain in the New Hampshire primary also.

NEO, SOC said...

This is why they should put Ron Paul in office and forget even electing anyone!

Average American said...

Sorry Neo, I can't back Ron Paul. I know he is very stringent on the constitution, and that isn't a bad thing, but I find him to radical for my tastes. I will admit, McCain is probably not conservative enough, but I have to pick him before Paul.

Thank you for visiting, come back soon. I'll be checking out your blog also.

Anonymous said...

McCain can still win this! We have to rally all the McCain-Palin supporters you know. Talk this election up. Tell the Obama eupporters the truth about him And then tell all your Conservative friends that their vote has never been more important. Drive them to the polls if they can’t get there own their own. We have to combat the msm which is keeping as firm a lid on Obama's ultra-leftist politics as it can. The truth is that Americans would not vote for this man if they knew who and what he is. We must keep telling the truth.

Get it done people!
This election is too important.

Average American said...

Throwing Stones, you are so right. It is not hard at all to get an undecided voter to commit to the McCain/Palin ticket just by giving them a little honest information. When people I have talked to find out about ACORN, Ayers, Nobama's anti gun stance, and distribution of wealth policies, they decide in a hurry that he is not for them. In just the last week, without going out of my way to find people, I have converted over 20 people. We all have to do whatever we can to make up for an extremely biased media. Be sure to point out the media bias also, it helps a lot.