Friday, May 17, 2013

Rampant Injustice

You ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE this!!  It will totally shatter any good thoughts you ever had about the IRS or the obummer administration.  We've only seen the tip of the iceberg so far concerning the ABUSE at the IRS.  This goes even beyond what any of us ever envisioned.


Always On Watch said...

And stories such as these got almost no attention from the mainstream media because the msm carried Obama's water.

Now we see that the Obama administration wants to control the msm even further. Predictable, of course. The Left will do ANYTHING to further their agenda.

It may be too late for America, AA. Really. I don't see Obama's hard-core-Left base deserting him, do you?

Always On Watch said...

Forgot to leave you THIS LINK. Take a look!

Mustang said...

Amazing! Simply amazing!

But given the thug in office, I am not at all surprised.

Average American said...

Another thing, Steven Miller was ALREADY LEAVING the IRS in just a few weeks! His ouster was just obummer throwing us a bone. ASSHOLE!

Hugh Petersen said...

I checked this out because of your comment on BZ...glad I did but I found it more than disturbing. Obama's government is so out of control and still many Americans support him. AOW might be right that it may be too late for!

Average American said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting everyone. This is perhaps the worst abuse of power I have ever heard of from our government. I can't even imagine what they'll do with an extra 18,000 troopers-er-agents in the IRS which are soon to beaded if they aren't already. More gun control? NO WAY!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by Hugh. Hope you'll stop in every once in a while!

Z said...

I'm at work and watched quite a bit of this but then had to start moving it forward;
Average, come to geeeZ and tell me WHY the agents even raided the water bottling plant, okay? I kept trying to see what was up and finally gave up.

whatever it is, imagine them keeping the boss from entering his place of business and not telling him why they're there? (or me :-)

this is astonishing...well, maybe not astonishing..Not in America, not anymore.

FreeThinke said...

Never had any good thoughts about those creeps to shatter, AA, but thanks for the info anyway.

Best to ya!