Friday, October 4, 2013


The Average American has come up with a practical solution to this "shutdown" fiasco that stands to kill 3 birds with one stone.  Instead of talking AT each other, mostly through the media, how about trying to talk TO each other for a change!?
How about a package deal to institute a new budget, using the number you reportedly have already agreed to, combined with a 1 year moratorium on Obamacare kicking in, AND an increase in the debt ceiling to cover the increased costs of spending that will be incurred by this new budget figure?  WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE AND DEMAND a long term cease fire between you clowns!!!  Take a CLOSE look at my second picture (read that as a PERMANENT layoff!)  THAT is how MOST Americans feel right  about now.  Do you REALLY want us to make that happen?  I didn't think so.
This action would establish an actual budget, get rid of the onus of the debt ceiling fight that WILL SURELY happen in just 2 short weeks, hopefully ensure that we don't get downgraded AGAIN, and give you CLOWNS and TEENAGE CHILDREN time to fix that abortion called Obamacare!  IT NEEDS A L O T OF FIXING!!!  Good luck on that one!

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