Friday, November 8, 2013


Remember the "Affirmative Action Program?"  You know, that program/law that REQUIRED employers to hire more minorities so that their workforce mirrored the area population.  Well, the same philosophy is how we ended up with the current disaster living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  We were way overdue for a black President.  Half black would do, but the melatonin level had to make it obvious what race he/she was.
I can hear it already.  The FACT of the matter is, I AM 100% CORRECT!!!  If Obummer had received just 60% of the black vote, instead of the 98% that he got, he would have lost in 2012 and 2008!  Anyone want to throw the race card around now, throw it THERE, not at me!
So, yes, America has it's first black President.  We have our first "Affirmative Action" President.  We also have our new WORST President EVER!!!   Jimmy Carter is SOOOOOO happy!  This, ALL because America and ESPECIALLY the lamestreammedia, lowered our standards for him.  He was NOT held to the highest standards that Presidents should be held to.  In fact, he was pretty much NOT held to ANY standards at all!  Sarah Palen was not "qualified to be Vice President but Obummer was qualified to be King er President??  Give me a break!!


FreeThinke said...

Good stuff, AA!

Tell it like it is, and I guarantee any DemonRat within sniffing distance will call you a "racist" or a "bigot" or a "moron" or a "hater."

I love the picture of O with his Kenyan Grandmother. She looks like a genuinely nice person. He looks like a sweet, skinny kid with nothing in particular on his mind. The caption there is priceless.

Don't ever forget to see the humor in all this. Humor is about the only thing that could save our sanity at this point.

Average American said...

Humor--about the only thing they can't take away from us! I kind of like the "BUTT HEAD" picture also.

Bump said...

Good blog. Short / Sweet / On target !

Average American said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting Bump. I visited your blog. Nice place!