Monday, October 13, 2014

Louder with Crowder

"Happy Columbus Day! Today’s the day where progressives will indoctrinate your children into believing Columbus to be satan’s incarnate, and the USA to be his evil spawn. In order for progressives to support this idea, here are a few key facts that must be ignored.
– Native Americans were fighting and conquering each other since the beginning of their tribal existence. When the Europeans showed up, half of the Native Americans were upset, but the half that had been conquered, killed, tortured and watched their women get mutilated, enslaved and raped said “Thank God the pale, funny-hat wearing men with the beards showed up!”
– As an example: Mayans and Incans had gold. Lots of it. Like, copious amounts. The kind of bling that would make Flava Flav’ blush. How do you think they procured said gold? It was a simple process. They enslaved people and gave them two options: 1.) We kill you. 2.) Get us more gold. Far from the romanticized civilization of “peace” that you’d hear about in today’s revisionist media, which brings me to my next point…
– This peaceful, serene horseback culture we see depicted in the films couldn’t be less accurate. Native Americans hadn’t domesticated horses, and they didn’t even use the wheel. America was a brutal, primitive place.
– Finally, once contact has been made between a technologically advanced culture and a primitive one… conflict HAS to take place. Let’s say for a second that we never took this land and created what we now know as modern America. Let’s assume that it was still ruled by tribal warfare. Next thing you know, a plane shoots across the sky overhead.
…  Contact has been made.  There is no going back. What was that screeching iron eagle in the sky?  Was it witchcraft? A group-hallucination induced by poisonous berries? Perhaps a life-form from another planet?  Either way, the world has been changed forever.
One tribe has modern technology, the other doesn’t.  The ones who don’t have it will want it. Conflict will occur, regardless of skin color.
Violations of human rights have occurred on all sides of conflict throughout the entire history of the world. To use America’s mistakes as the brush with which to pain the entirety of its history is inaccurate at best, dishonest at worst.
The United States has done more good than any nation to have come before it and as a country, we’ve got a lot to be proud of.  No matter who’s running it.

Happy Columbus Day."


FreeThinke said...

Good points all, AA!

Glad to see you back in business.

It would help a lot to understand the present better, if we took the long view, and learned more about the past.

History is nothing but a long series of chain reactions -- most of them set off by accident.

Beware the tendentious, agenda-driven "historians" like Howard Zinn who think lies and distortions about the past could possibly bring about a better future.

That goes for Parson Weems too, of course.

Stay with us, now. We need you, AA.

Sarah Bernhardt said...

Bill de Blasio say CASE CLOSED! on that $170,000 phoney criminal lover Rachel Noerdlinger: ‘
I Think We’ve Talked Enough About This’

Mayor Bill de Blasio marching in the Columbus Day Parade told the press that the case on Rachel Noerdlinger remains closed, as far as he (Mayor Bill de Blasio) is concerned — despite continuing controversy surrounding the City Hall aide and her ex-con boyfriend.

“I have absolute faith in Rachel. She is a fine public servant. She is helping to move the agenda we were sent here to work on. I think we’ve talked enough about this. We’ve explained all the situations. It’s time to move forward,” Mr. de Blasio told reporters during a two-and-a-half minute availability.

After a week of being hammered in the press — the New York Times assailed his lack of transparency, the New York Post offered up a photo illustration of the mayor with his fingers in his ears, the Daily News called for Ms. Noerdlinger to be fired — the mayor spent Monday being chased by them, literally, along the parade route

This “woman”, by any reasonable standard, has forfeited her right to being a high ranking city official and the mayor is damaging his reputation by repeatedly condoning her lack of judgement, lies and tax cheating. When De Blasio ran on the "tale of two cities" concept, we are now starting to understand what that meant. One rule for him and his cronies, another for everyone else. From Charter Schools to dealing with unions to lack of transparency with the press, to his desire to ban horse carriages (a legal, private enterprise), to his handling of the Noerdlinger mess, it seems clear this buffoon is way over his head. New York City needs a real Mayor. Wish we could recall this one as we have three more years to suffer through. This is beyond irresponsible, we need her out of here! This administration STINKS enough without her!